Fabric leather cloth Knife Cutting Machine

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Applicable to leather, cloth, fabrics, sofa covers, curtains, textiles, sofa cushions, mattresses, bedding and other materials cutting, special layout software, one key intelligent optimization, cutting more material savings, can cut any graphics.
Description Tools Recommendation Review
How to better meet the customization of small quantities and multiple styles of sofas to achieve rapid delivery? How to solve the dependence of sofa cutting on manual labor and reduce labor cost? How to solve the difficulty of sample management of large quantities and realize digital management? How to improve the utilization rate of expensive fabrics and reduce the waste of inferior products? The traditional sofa cutting process simply cannot meet the customization needs of the emerging market, and is faced with production management problems such as difficulties in recruiting cutting workers, high wage requirements and high turnover, which seriously affect the product production process.

Our oscillating knife sofa leather digital cutting machine adopts high frequency tool rotation cutting technology and is equipped with intelligent nesting system, feeding system and marking tools to meet the automatic and rapid cutting of various sofa leather fabrics:

1. faster processing speed, smooth cutting section, no scorched material and no smoke and dust generation during the whole process compared with laser machine, which is more environmental friendly;
2. intelligent nesting system for quick size change, multi-pattern fusion and quick nesting for sofa customization, improving work efficiency and material utilization;
3. equipped with intelligent corrective feeding system, which realizes accurate fabric conveying for sofa and automatic cutting, and can be operated by only one person;
4. A variety of processing tools can be used together to realize sofa cutting, punching, marking and other processing needs at one time.

DO-1625S/2030S/1650S( Support customization )
Working area
Maximum cutting speed
1500mm/s(according to different cutting materials)
Cutting thickness
50mm ( Support customization )
Material management
Automatic feeding
Fixed material method
Vacuum + zone adsorption
Various tool combinations
Milling cutter+Pneumatic cutter+Marking pen
Milling cutter + round cutter/oscillating cutter + indentation/bevelling
Round knife/oscillating knife + punching + marking
Oscillating Knife + Round Knife + Chamfering/Creasing/Kissing/Drag Knife
Cutting materials
Synthetic Leather, Cowhide, Genuine Leather, Fur, Neoprene, Nonwoven, Prepreg, fabric,PVC,glass fiber,silicon,rubber,carbon fiber,cardboard,KT board, PE,carpet,gasket,ABS and so on
Transmission system
Drive mode of servo motor + precision reducer; rack drive; Taiwan PMI guide rail
220V/380V ±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Supported file formats
 PLT,  DXF, DWG, AI, etc.

Tools Recommendation
Power Rotary Tool
Adopting servo motor to drive the blade to rotate quickly, so as to cut various woven and breathable fabrics quickly, the cutting speed can reach 1500mm/s, which is suitable for cutting various sofa fabrics.
Pneumatic Oscillating Tool
It adopts high compressed air with working air pressure not less than 0.6MPA and amplitude 8mm, which can be used for multi-layer leather and fabric cutting and meet small batch custom production.
Punching Tool+Marking Pen
Quickly punches cutouts and marks cutout names and stitching lines.

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