Fur Clothing

Fur materials such as fur clothing shaggy cushions and so on with its own high value, high comfort, loved by the majority of users.

Whether it is used in fur clothing, home carpets, foot mats, or cushions, cutting is a very important part of the processing of shaggy materials, at present, cutting methods are probably these types: manual cutting, laser machine cutting, vibration knife cutting, etc. Today we will talk about the cutting of shaggy materials.
Long hair material cutting, the earliest use of manual cutting, with the market demand for manual cutting methods have gradually withdrawn from the market. On the one hand, the manual cutting accuracy is low, and the layout is not accurate, resulting in serious material waste; on the other hand, now cutting workers are increasingly difficult to recruit, skilled workers require high wages, ordinary workers low yield, poor quality. This has led to higher and higher cutting costs for many manufacturers, which are gradually eliminated in this fast-changing market nowadays.

Laser machine cutting is now the most widely used cutting method in the market, compared with traditional manual cutting, the speed of laser cutting at least three times higher, and the error is small, relying on the data version of the cut, the material waste is small.
Laser cutting machine has great advantages in cutting acrylic wood panels, etc. But laser cutting fur has two very big disadvantages: 1, the laser is a thermal cutting means of processing, when dealing with long hair class materials, it will be difficult to avoid burning the material, not only will greatly affect the aesthetics, and the quality of the material will produce irreparable damage. 2, laser cutting will produce a lot of smoke and odor, which is a considerable challenge to environmental protection; now the country's environmental protection grasp more stringent, many manufacturers have stopped using laser cutting. Many manufacturers have stopped using laser cutting.

Well, the next is the ultimate solution for cutting flexible materials: vibrating knife cutting machine.
Rubycnc oscillating knife cutting machine is a new type of cutting equipment based on the innovation of laser cutting machine, it is laser cutting into blade cutting, not only perfectly solve the problem of laser injury material, but also in the cutting speed to a higher level.
In terms of accuracy, the cutting machine uses high-frequency vibrating knife head to cut the material, not only higher cutting accuracy, but also, good cutting effect, neat and clean edges, no need for secondary processing, greatly saving time costs and material costs. Vibrating knife cutting nesting intelligent, reducing the waste of manual nesting problem.
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