Automotive interior industry

Meet the cutting needs of a variety of automotive interior materials:
Digital cutting machine can be used for cutting wire ring pads, plush carpets, imported thick EVA rubber soles, latex mats, PVC mats, TPE rubber mats, faux leather, leather, PU sponge composites, etc.
It can be applied to automotive interior and exterior products such as car seat holster, cloth cover, sponge cover, steering wheel cover, seat cushion, foot pad and explosion-proof film.
Establish an intelligent production workshop:
Intelligent: Fully integrate traditional manual operation mode into efficient and accurate computerized design, realize digital and graphic design, easy to learn and use, rich in functions and powerful.
Flexibility: instead of traditional paper manual development design and proofing, it should cope with the troubles caused by technicians and other personnel changes, shorten the corresponding research and development time; meet the customer’s small batch, multi-style production goals.
Many types of tools meet different cutting needs:
Oscillating Knife: Suitable for cutting medium density and good adsorbent materials. The vibration motor drives the blade up and down to form a high-frequency sawing, which is suitable for cutting various car mat materials.
Round knife: It is suitable for cutting non-metallic materials with softness. The cutting effect is not affected by the adsorption performance of the material. The motor drives the blade to rotate rapidly and is used for the cutting of materials with good gas permeability.
Pneumatic swinging knife: It can meet the multi-layer cutting of PU composite sponge material, can cut 30mm thickness, improve the working effect and meet the mass production of customers.

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