Sealing Gasket

Do you often need meet the processing of small quantities of custom gaskets? Do you often have complex gasket shapes that cannot be machined using a mold (by hand)? Do you want to improve your material utilization and work efficiency? If you are facing these problems, then the existing production mode is no longer able to meet your production needs, and you need a more intelligent and flexible gasket processing equipment.

Our digital gasket cutting machine adopts high power pneumatic oscillating knife cutting technology, which can meet various non-metallic gasket materials such as rubber gaskets, silicone gaskets, asbestos gaskets, asbestos rubber gaskets, flexible graphite gaskets, soft PVC gaskets, PET, PTFE gasket, asbestos free gaskets, teflon gasket, leather gaskets, paper gaskets, rubber sheet, tetrafluoro sheet, non-asbestos sheet, graphite reinforced sheet, mica sheet, cork, etc. cutting. For gasket cutting has the following advantages:

1. high processing accuracy, high speed, smooth and burr-free cutting result;

2. no need to make molds, more flexible to meet the production of different shapes and lots of orders, and achieve fast delivery;

3. conventional gaskets without CAD drawing, such as flanges and other conventional gaskets, which can be obtained by simply inputting data;

4. Intelligent nesting system, supporting automatic nesting of different sizes of plates and nesting of remaining materials to maximize material saving.

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