Acoustic & Thermal Insulation

The polyester fiber board is the main material of the sound insulation board, and is often cut and carved into an arbitrary shape for the sake of beauty, and then spliced into a wall surface or a ceiling which is both sound absorbing and beautiful.

The primary processing method of sound-absorbing panel decoration is punching, slotting, cutting, etc. Ordinary manual cutting will cause uneven cutting, burrs, low efficiency, etc., and waste materials, so more and more people choose intelligent Digital cutting machines replace manual cutting.

Our digital foam sponge cutting machine can be equipped with oscillating knife, bevel cutting tool and punching tool. Compared with the manual cutting, our digital knife cutting machine can complete the three processes of slotting, punching and cutting at one time. The high-frequency oscillating knife cuts the arc edge neatly without burrs, and the cutting speed is 200-2000mm/s, which satisfies the cutting of various graphics, and the cutting precision is 0.01mm, which improves the aesthetics of the decoration.

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