Bag and shoes industry

How to better cope with the production of multiple styles of shoes and bags? Increase your productivity and flexibility in the shoe industry! Eliminate the need for expensive tooling and reduce labor requirements while efficiently handling leather, fabric, sole, lining and stencil materials and ensuring the highest quality. Excellent cutting performance, low operating costs and optimized workflow ensure a quick return on your investment.
Rubycnc oscillating knife leather cutting machine adopts high frequency oscillating knife cutting technology and is equipped with intelligent nesting system, intelligent identification system and precise positioning system to meet leather materials such as leather and PU cutting. For leather cutting has the following advantages:

1. Faster processing speed, smooth cutting section, no scorched material and no smoke and dust generation during the whole process compared with laser machine, which is more environmental friendly;

2. Compared with traditional mold stamping, no need to make molds, more flexible, 100% tool-less production method makes the shoe making process simpler, can quickly adapt to seasonal and style changes and personalized production needs;

3. Intelligent nesting system, which supports multi-part material saving layout, no waste of edges and corners and rational use of leather; it also supports multi-part multi-layer intelligent cutting to maximize leather utilization.

4. Different cutting tools can be configured according to the processing material and process requirements, equipped with cutting, marking and punching tools to meet the processing needs of multiple materials and processes.

Cutting Samples:

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