Garment Industry

Have you ever encountered this problem in garment cloth fabric cutting? Small batch and multi-batch order types increase the workload of the garment factory, requiring more cutting workers and longer working hours to ensure timely completion of orders. This type of production greatly increases the cost of garment production and relies on skilled cutting workers. The difficulty of management increases, and the contradiction between garment cutting and sewing is serious.

RUBYCNC oscillating knife cutting machine solves the contradiction between traditional clothing cutting and market customization. it make garment cutting more flexible and efficient. In small batch, short cycle and high precision production orders, the automatic digital knife cutting machine can help the company to produce quickly.

Our CNC fabric garment cloth cutting machine is equipped with a vacuum suction function to avoid misalignment of the fabric, even if the smooth and elastic fabric can be sucked and sturdy. Our digital knife cutting machines can improve the cutting accuracy and avoid errors caused by manual cutting.
When the automatic knife cutting machine works, the cutting speed of the straight line and the arc part is different. The computer automatically distinguishes it to ensure the precision of the cutting.

Striped and plaid fabric cutting solutions:

The “aligning stripes and lattices” process is often encountered in the production of woven garments, especially when using striped or plaid fabrics to produce garments such as suits and womenswear. Our digital Cutter is equipped with a projection positioning system and an intelligent marker system that automatically nests according to the stripe pattern and projects the nested graphics onto the fabric surface using the projection positioning system without manual positioning.

Multilayer fabric cutting solution:
The multi-layer textile automatic cutting machine can be used to cut a variety of garment styles at the same time. It is equipped with a vacuum adsorption system and an automatic cover film system to ensure the adsorption effect on each layer of textile and avoid textile misalignment. Then use the high-power oscillating knife to cut quickly and accurately, and cut the thickness of 0.1-50mm. Can be applied to leather, textile, fur, wool, felt and other clothing materials.

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