Carton & Advertising

We developed this intelligent digital cutting machine for packaging and printing industry proofing and small batch customized production. Adopting the most advanced 6-axis high-speed motion control system, it can quickly and accurately complete the processes of full-cutting, half-cutting, creasing, mitering, punching, marking, hollowing and milling, etc. All functions are completed on one machine. It can assist customers to process accurate, novel, unique and high quality products more quickly and conveniently within the limited time and space. Our Carton box Digital cnc knife cutting making machine is widely used in the advertising printing and packaging industry. It is equipped with replaceable tools to meet the different cutting needs of customers cutting different materials. The cutting materials include various corrugated paper, Chevron board, car stickers, adhesive, Photo frame paper, KT board, gray board paper, honeycomb board, acrylic board, PVC board, foam, etc. 

Multi-function cutting tools design, highly integrated multi-group machining tools, interactive cutting, punching, and scribing in one working unit for one-stop operation. Oscillating knife cutting head, crimping reel, V-cutting head, and high-speed milling head. Can cut 30 or 60mm honeycomb paperboard, acrylic sheet, corrugated paper, plastic corrugated board, gray board paper, white cardboard, film, composite material, leather, cloth, rubber sheet, pearl cotton, aluminum composite board, and foam KT board A variety of materials. The V-cut system can cut V-shaped grooves of 5 different angles such as 45°, 30°, 22.5°, 15°, 0°, etc. Customers can choose the appropriate configuration according to their own needs.

Shandong Rubycnc digital cutting machine can be used for box proofing design of various carton box plastic boxes; its function is automatic, fast, no need for mold to complete high quality samples and some small batch orders, instead of various ways of manual Proofing, solving the problem that the die-cutting machine needs to make a large number of molds, improving efficiency and saving the proofing cost is a necessary product for the development of the printing and packaging factory. In addition, it can also be used to cut sponges, foams, EVA and etc.

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