Insulation Foam & Acoustic PET Panel Digital Cutting Machine

Item No.: FV1625/2030
If you are looking for a cnc cutting machine that allows you to cut and groove various shapes for polyester fiber acoustic panels. Then, I recommend our digital oscillating knife cutting machine for you, the effective working width is 1600mm x 2500mm....
Description Review
Common sound insulation and thermal insulation materials include polyester fiber acoustic panels, wave acoustic sponge, glass fiber wool, polyester fiber wool, silica needle punched blanket, rubber wool and other materials, with sound absorption, environmental protection, flame retardant, heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, etc., often used in houses, cars, factories, pipelines and other places. For different needs, need to choose different materials, and according to customer requirements for pattern cutting and assembling, how to adapt to the processing needs of various materials? And how to cut a variety of customized graphics more quickly and flexibly?

The oscillating cnc knife digital cutting machine produced by our company adopts high frequency oscillating knife cutting technology, which can meet the cutting of various sound insulation and thermal insulation materials such as polyester fiber acoustic panel, wave acoustic sponge, glass fiber wool, polyester fiber wool, silicate needle punch blanket, rubber plastic wool, etc. For sound insulation insulation material cutting has the following advantages:

1. faster processing speed, smooth cutting section, no scorched material and no smoke and dust generation during the whole processing process compared with laser machine, which is more environmental friendly;

2. more flexible compared to traditional die stamping, without making molds, to meet the production of orders of different shapes and lots, and to achieve fast delivery;

3. High-end quality manufacturing with dual-drive servo motor drive and full-series Schneider electric to ensure long-lasting and stable work of the machine;

4. Different cutting tools, electric knives, pneumatic knives and V slotting tools can be configured according to the processing material and process requirements to meet the processing needs of multiple materials and processes.

FV1625                                               FV2030
Working area
1600mm x 2500mm                     2000 x 3000mm

Multi heads
Electric oscillating cutting tool (≤20mm thickness PET) 
Pneumatic oscillating cutting tool (20-45mm thickness PET) 
Grooving and Punching Tools
Transmission system
Servo motor + precision reducer + grinding rack + Taiwan PMI guide rail
Safety device
Infrared sensors, responsive, safe and reliable
Cutting speed
Cutting thickness
≤50mm (according to different cutting materials)

Cutting materials
3-50mm polyester fiber sheet, glass fiber cotton, prepreg, carbon fiber, carbon fiber felt, boron fiber, aramid fiber, ceramic fiber, soft glass, PVC, leather leather, sponge composite skin, XPE material, wire ring foot pad, leather, soft glass , silicone, rubber materials and other composite flexible materials
Fixed mode
Vacuum adsorption suction table
Transfer file
Network port
Support file format
Working environment
Temperature 0-40 degree, humidty 20%-80% RH

Jan 17, 2024
Just want to show off my work, as well as compliment my cutter, and thanks to Deveup!!
Jorge Aronson
Jan 10, 2024
We bought the machine for PET acoustic panel cutting, the cutting effect is very good, cutting speed is also very quick. Firstly we use Co2 laser cutter to do this job, but there are some problem such as burnt edge smoke and smell . Now this cutter resolve my problem, really like this machine, thanks, highly recommended!

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