EVA EPE XPE PE PET Foam cnc knife cutting machine

Item No.: DO-1625S
RUBYCNC EVA foam knife cutter features advanced oscillating knife cutting technology. It is widely used in packaging, crafts, toy manufacturing, advertising and other industries.
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Deveup EVA foam knife cutter features advanced oscillating knife cutting technology. It is widely used in packaging, crafts, toy manufacturing, advertising and other industries. Only need to transfer the designed graphics to the computer, CNC oscillating knife cutting machine can automatically and accurately cut a variety of foam materials, such as EPE, EVA, PET, PE, XPE, Polyethylene foam and other foams materials. No need for molds, high processing accuracy, high efficiency, neat and smooth cutting edges, to meet the cutting requirements of complex graphics.

With the continuous development of numerical control technology, more and more customers choose to use smart cutting equipment instead of workers. Our digital knife cutter is widely used in the cutting of EVA foam boards. It uses advanced oscillating knife cutting technology to select different tools according to material thickness and hardness. It can meet a variety of foam material cutting, such as EVA, EPE foams, sponge, EPS styrofoam, Polyethylene foam and so on.
Advantages to using Deveup CNC Oscillation Knife Cutting machine to cut foams:
1. More flexible: EVA foam automatic cutting machine does not need a mold, just process the processing data (PLT, DXF, AI, DWG format) into the system to cut, and can modify the size and shape of the processing graphics arbitrarily;
2. Save materials: automatic nesting software can complete typesetting quickly and accurately without manual nesting. After actual testing, using an automatic cutting machine can save more than 10% of material compared to manual cutting;
3. Meet different foam cutting: can cut foam of different width, thickness, and material. High cutting precision and flat cutting to meet the cutting requirements of complex graphics.
4. The processing site is more humanized: Our EVA foam cutting machine adopts high-frequency oscillating knife cutting technology. Compared with laser cutting technology, the processing site has no soot, and the cutting speed is 3-4 times that of the laser. It is more environmentally friendly processing methods.
5. Different types of tools can be configured: customers can configure different processing tools according to the processing materials – round knife, pneumatic knife, punching knife, vibrating knife, and other cutter heads to configure freely to cut other materials except for foam.
6. Achieve higher cutting efficiency: Rubycnc EVA foam cutting machine adopts Japanese servo motor with cutting speed of up to 2000mm/s. Customers can also choose dual-oscillating tools to cut at the same time, which doubles the processing efficiency.

Working area
1600mm x 2500mm (Support customization)
Operation properties
Online / offline operation; continuous cutting with high efficiency, 7*24 with zero downtime
Safety device
Infrared adopted; sensitive response; safe and reliable
Multi-function tool
Oscillating knife full cut, semi-cut cutting, milling tool, marking tool, cursor positioning, camera positioning edge cutting, V-groove various angle cutting
Applicable materials
EPE,EVA, EPS, XPE, EPP, EPS, PET, PE, Polyethylene foam, Corrugated carton, Honeycomb paper, Cardboard, and etc 
Transmission system
Japan Panasonic Servo motor + precision reducer + Taiwan PMI guide rail + grinding rack
Fixed mode
Vacuum adsorption
Cutting speed
0-1500mm/s(Set according to material)
Cutting thickness
Standard cutting height: ≤45mm, customizable maximum cutting height 110mm
Support file format
Rated power
Rated voltage
380V±10%/220V±10% Optional
Operation panel
Multilingual languages LCD touch panel

Cutting Samples:
Tools Recommendation
Pneunatic oscillating tool
Adopted high compressed air, its cutting capacity is 2 times of ordinary pneumatic knife, which can be continuously used to cut dense, hard and thick foams, such as EPE, EVA, PET, PE XPE....
High Power electric osciallting tool
Adopted 400W servo motor drive, it can perfect cut all kinds of hardness, density, thickness of materials, such as non-asbestos gasket, rubber, multi-layer fabric (leather), EVA foam and etc.
Bevel Tool
For honeycomb cardboard EVA PET board slotting process, you can adjust the slot line at different angles according to your different cutting needs, it can be 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 35°, 45° angles.

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