Leather Shoe Bag CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine With Automatic Feeding Table

Item No.: FV1625
This smart and intelligent automatic leather cutting machine, which perfectly solves the cutting and proofing work of small batches and multiple styles.
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This smart and intelligent automatic leather knife cnc digital cutting machine perfectly resolves the cutting and proofing work of small batches and multiple styles. It can cut 1-10 layers PU leather. RUBYCNC digital leather cutting machines eliminate the need for expensive dies and reduce the need for manpower, all while processing leather, sole, lining, and pattern materials efficiently and at the highest levels of quality. Superior cutting performance, low operating costs, and optimized workflow guarantee a quick return on investment.

Processing Advantages
Our oscillating knife leather digital cutting machine can cut shoe upper material, natural leather, synthetic leather, saddle leather, shoe leather, sole material, face leather, leather bag, leather gloves, leather shoes, car interior, sole cutting, seat cover, printed leather, PU leather, mesh, wool slippers, sponge shoes, golf bags, casual shoes and other materials. It can complete the special-shaped processing of workpieces with high precision and more stability, avoid knife die, no yellowing and coking, no cutting deformation, no smoke, odor, safety, environmental protection and convenient maintenance.
1. No need for molds, just convert the paper pattern graphics into electronic data through the digital system, and use the intelligent nesting system for fast nesting, and the work of cutting and proofing can be completed quickly.
2. Compared with laser cutting leather, the oscillating knife cutting machine not only cuts faster (the cutting speed is 2-3 times that of laser), but the cutting edge is smooth, without carbonization, and without any peculiar smell.
3. The modular tool design can be equipped with a variety of cutting tools, punching systems with different diameters, and marking systems to meet the various leather processing    techniques and reduce the dependence of leather cutting on workers.

Parameters/Model FV1625                                          FV2030                            FV1650 (multiple sizes optional, can be customized)
Working Size 1600*2500mm                            2000*3000mm                           1600*5000mm
Safety device Physical anti-collision mechanism + infrared induction anti-collision to ensure production safety
Cutting thickness ≤50mm Other thickness can be customized according to the material
Cutting speed ≤1800mm/s(The actual speed depends on the material and cutting graphics)
Applicable materials PU, leather, Cloth, PVC, Foam, sound-absorbing cotton, photo paper, KT board, car stickers, rubber, sponge, cloth, carton, film,  fiberglass, fabric, carbon fiber, and other composite flexible materials
Cutting precision ± 0.1mm
Repeat accuracy ≤ 0.05mm
Cutting circular diameter ≥3mm Diameter
Positioning way Laser positioning also optional CCD camera positioning
Safety device Infrared induction, safe and reliable
Material fixed way Vacuum absorption
Transport interface Ethernet front-end ports
Compatible software format AI software, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, and all of the box type design software can output directly, without conversion, and with automatic optimization
Command system AI, PLT, DXF, DWG
Operation panel Multilingual LCD touch panel
Transmission system High precision linear guide, meshing transmission gear and rack structure, screw, high performance servo motor and drive
Power supply voltage Ac 220 v to 380 v + 10%, 50 hz. 
Pump power 7.5kw/9kw/11kw
Work environment Temperature: - 10 ºC to 40 ºC, humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH

Tools Recommendation
Electric Oscillating Knife Tool
Utilizes a vibration frequency of tens of thousands of times per minute to achieve fast, smooth cutting of materials. Can be
used to quickly cut various leather materials.
Pneumatic Oscillating Knife Tool
It adopts high compressed air with 8mm amplitude, which can be used for multi-layer leather cutting to meet small-lot custom production.
Quick Punching Tool
Punching tools with different hole diameters can be configured according to processing requirements to meet the rapid punching of leather.
Mar 31, 2023
It's really a nice machine. I bought the machine to cut synthetic leather for shoes. I used to cut manually, slow and inefficient cutting effect is not good. This machine has greatly improved my work efficiency. Thanks for all.

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