CNC Gasket Digital knife Cutting Machine

Item No.: 00093
Gasket cutting machine with pneumatic oscillating knife cutter is an intellgent digital cutting equipment for various gaskets including cork rubber gasket, non asbestos gasket, rubber gasket, graphite seal gasket, reinforced gasket without air pollution,
Description Tools Recommendation Review
Our digital cnc oscillating knife cutting machine in the sealing industry is mainly used for automatic intelligent cutting of flexible sealing materials, including non asbestos sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, graphite composite sheet, rubber, PTFE, etc. The reasonable and advanced mechanical structure design and the CAM special software developed for the sealing industry promote our cutting machine to complete the special-shaped processing of sealing parts with high precision, high speed and more stability. The finished workpiece is free of sawtooth, burr, smooth and consistent, effectively solving the aging of sealing industry practitioners, low production efficiency, dependence on labor experience, low material utilization rate, and the difficulty in manufacturing special-shaped parts and non-standard specifications Chaotic document management, high product scrap rate, long delivery cycle and other problems help customers in the sealing industry win more market share with high-quality, short production cycle and customized customer service while reducing costs and improving efficiency!
Compared with traditional die punching and CO2 laser cutting, our intelligent digital cutting machine does not need a die, saving time and effort. It features accurate sample cutting, smooth edges, no serrations, no yellowing and charring, no powder foam, smoke, odor, safety, environmental protection, easy maintenance, and low cost. Users can also choose large vision systems, projectors, dual heads, and lengthen and widen the working area of the cutting bed, To meet different personalized production needs.

Working Area
 Any Size
Applicable Materials
Rubber, Cork, Felt, Foam, Asbestos, Non-asbestos, PTFE, Graphite, other non-metal gasket materials
Drive Motor
 Servo Motors and Drives
Machine Advantage
1.The X axis is driven by double Japanese Panasonic  servo motors; 2.The measurement adopts 7mm aviation aluminum alloy material, and the mold is extruded; 3.All electrical accessories use the French Schneider brand.
Cutting Thickness
0.1-45.0mm according to materials(Customizable maximum cutting thickness 110mm)
Cutting Speed
Cutting tolerance
 File Format
Fixed Mode
Vacuum Partittion Adsorption
Safety Devices
Use infrared sensing, safe and reliable
Total Power
11KW (Vacuum pump power 9KW)
Input Voltage
AC 220V 380V±10%,50HZ(Configurable transformer for customer location)
Recommended Tools
High-power POT, 400W high-power EOT, high-speed milling cutter

Tools Recommendation
High-Power Pneumatic Oscillating Tool
Adopted high compressed air. Its cutting capacity is 2 times of ordinary pneumatic knives, which can be continuously used to cut gasket materials with high density, hardness and thickness, such as: non-asbestos, rubber, graphite reinforced, silica gel, tetrafluoro sheet, etc.

400W Electric Oscillating Tool
Adopted 400W servo motor drive, amplitude 5mm, through high frequency vibration knife quickly cut all kinds of non-metal gaskets, without gas control, can reduce the machine running cost, can perfectly cut all kinds of hardness, density, thickness of sealing gaskets: non-asbestos, rubber, graphite reinforced, silica gel, tetrafluoro plate, etc.
200W Electric Oscillating Tool
200W high power electric vibrating knife with 3mm amplitude, twice the cutting capacity of ordinary electric tools, can be used for cutting non-metallic gaskets such as rubber sheet, tetrafluoro sheet, non-asbestos sheet, silicone sheet, graphite sheet, etc. with small thickness.

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