Oscillating Tool + Press Wheel

Item No.: 00108
Description Review
Electric oscillating knife tool + Press wheel
Electric oscillating knife (knife with thickness less than 5 mm) and press wheel can be used to process corrugated carton packaging boxes. For cutting, drawing, creasing, dash, and drawing of packaging materials, it replaces the traditional manual development and design and proofing of cartons, color boxes, and paper display stands, shortening the corresponding development time. Fast proofing speed and high quality greatly improves the production efficiency of cartons, and has a strong competitiveness in the packaging box market, realizing the production goals of customers with small quantities, multiple orders and multiple styles, creating a set of standardized and feasible solutions.
This machine can complete die-cutting, creasing and forming of paper products, plastic products and other packaging materials without die-cutting and die-cutting machine, which can save a lot of labor, die-cutting and die-cutting machine costs.


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