Fabric Cloth Carpet Mat Cutting Machine

Item No.: 00141
It uses oscillating knife cutting tool for single layer fabric cutting, or pneumatic cutting tool for multi-layer fabric cutting, its cutting speed is 1700mm/ s, the cutting edge is smooth without burrs, and no yellowing or scorching.
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Deveup digital cutter is equipped with high-speed wheel cutting tool or pneumatic cutting tool, it can do both fast cutting for single layer fabric cutting, and also for multi-layer fabrics cutting. It has automatic nesting software, automatic feeding system and vacuum adsorption system. The vacuum adsorption system draws and fixes the roll-shaped fabrics, and then imports the designed image, such as AI, CorelDraw, CAD, etc. into the machine cutting operating system. The digital cutter automatically cuts on the fabrics based on the designed graphic.


Various cutting tools to meet different cutting needs:

 Deveup CNC digital cutters are mainly for fabric, leather, and composites or other flexible materials cutting. For example, Oxford cloth, Nonwoven Fabric, Chiffon, Prepreg, Neoprene, Synthetic Leather, cowhide, fur, PVC, Foam,Acoustic panel, KT board, car stickers, rubber, sponge, carton, film, fiberglass, fabric, carbon fiber, and other materials. With a variety of tools and pens to meet the cutting needs of different materials, and provide a variety of personalized cutting services.


Problems of artificially cutting fabrics:

1. Some industries have high requirements for cutting precision, manual cutting cannot meet the cutting requirements;

2. The efficiency of manual cutting complex patterns is low, which cannot meet the needs of mass production;

3. The cost of manual cutting is high. If efficiency and precision are required, the number of workers can only be increased, and the cost of workers will be greatly increased.


Problems of laser cutting fabrics:

1. Laser cut fabrics can have yellowed and burnt edges.

2. Smoke and odor problems will occur during laser cutting fabrics.

3. The depth of focus of the laser cutting machine determines that it can't cut multi-layer fabrics well.

4. The Co2 laser tube of the laser cutting machine has a very short life span, which is a few thousand hours. Replacing the laser tube is costly.

5. Laser cutting machine has no vacuum adsorption platform, especially for large format machine, the table flatness is low, the cutting precision is low.


Advantages of Deveup CNC digital cutting machine:

1) Deveup digital cutting machine is equipped with high speed circular knife and pneumatic knife or high power vibrating knife, which can cut single-layer fabric or multi-layer fabric at high speed with high efficiency.

2) Deveup digital cutting machine uses sharp and durable tungsten steel blade to cut fabrics, the cutting edge is smooth and neat without burrs or scorching, and the cutting process is smoke-free and odorless.

3) Deveup digital cutting machine is equipped with vacuum adsorption platform, which is very good to ensure the flatness of the fabric, the cutting process of vacuum adsorption automatically start and stop, high cutting accuracy and speed.

4) Deveup digital cutting machine is equipped with automatic feeding platform, so that the machine really realize unattended work.

5) Deveup digital cutting machine is equipped with cutting and automatic nesting software, which can help customers save raw materials.

6) Deveup digital cutting machine has rich-function cutting software, which support many file support such as plt, dxf, AI, dwg, pdf and etc.

Parameters/Model     FV1615                        FV1625                               FV1830                        FV1650 (multiple sizes optional, can be customized)
Working Size 1600*1500mm             1600*2500mm                    1800*3000mm               1600*5000mm
Cutting tools Electric oscillating cutting tool, pneumatic cutting tool, wheel cutting tool, punching tool
Safety device Physical anti-collision mechanism + infrared induction anti-collision to ensure production safety
Cutting thickness ≤50mm Other thickness can be customized according to the material
Cutting speed ≤1700mm/s(The actual speed depends on the material and cutting graphics)
Applicable materials Oxford cloth, nonwoven fabric, carbon fiber prepreg, neoprene, synthetic leather, cowhide, fur, PVC, foam, acoustic panel, KT board, car stickers, rubber, sponge, carton, film, fiberglass, fabrics, carbon fiber, and other materials
Cutting precision ± 0.1mm
Repeat accuracy ≤ 0.05mm
Cutting circular diameter ≥3mm Diameter
Positioning way Laser positioning also optional CCD camera positioning
Safety device Infrared induction, safe and reliable
Material fixed way Vacuum absorption
Transport interface Ethernet front-end ports
Compatible software format AI software, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, and all of the box type design software can output directly, without conversion, and with automatic optimization
Command system AI, PLT, DXF, DWG, PDF
Operation panel Multilingual LCD touch panel
Transmission system High precision linear guide, meshing transmission gear and rack structure, screw, high performance servo motor and drive
Power supply voltage AC 220 v to 380 v + 10%, 50hz-60hz. 
Pump power 7.5kw/9kw/11kw
Work environment Temperature: - 10 ºC to 40 ºC, humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH

Tools Recommendation

1) High-Speed Wheel-Cutting Tool:

It adopts servo motor to drive the blade to rotate rapidly, so that it can cut various woven and breathable fabrics quickly, and the cutting speed can reach 1700mm/s, which is suitable for cutting various fabrics, carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar and prepreg fabrics.

2) Pneumatic Cutting Tool:

The Pneumatic oscillating Cutting Tool is a compressed air driven tool with an 8mm tool stroke. It is ideal for cutting hard, high-density materials and soft, thick materials and multi-layer fabrics cutting.


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