Cardboard honeycomb paper corrugated Carton box making machine

Item No.: FV1625S
Our carton box making machine adopts high-power electric oscillating knife cutting technology, which is specially designed for the carton packaging industry and can meet the mass production needs of packaging companies.
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Are you still make the mold to cut the carton? Does it take a long time and big cost to open a mold? Have you ever lost some orders because to make customers wait a long time for a sample? Then Deveup carton cardboard box digital cutting machine can help you to solve this problem.
What is carton/cardboard box digital knife cutting and making machine? The cardboard cutting machine uses the high frequency oscillating knife to cut off the cardboard. Corrugated carton box making machine is easy to learn even you are the first time to use the machine. You can just download the CAD design to the machine, after machine reading the design, it will cut automaticlly. This greatly saves the time of opening the mold, and can make samples for customers faster, thus helping you to get more orders quickly.
Deveup CNC oscillating knife cutting technology adopts intelligent modular cutting technology, equipped with fast cutting tools, creasing tools, and beveling tools, which completely changes the shortcomings of traditional carton processing methods. The carton cardboard corrugated paper box making machine has the characteristics of better cutting quality, intelligence and flexibility, and lower production costs. It can be widely used for cutting cartons, cardboard, color boxes, corrugated paper, grayboard paper, honeycomb paper etc., and can replace traditional cartons, color boxes, paper display racks, and other manual development designs and proofing work, shortening the lead time.
Applicable to cardboard, gray cardboard, KT board, Chevron board, honeycomb board, car sticker, light sheet, PP adhesive, inkjet cloth, flag cloth, various corrugated cardboard, EPE foam, EVA, PVC board, acrylic board .

     FV1216                       FV1625                  FV1830                  FV2530
Working area
1200x1600mm       1600x2500mm         1800x1300mm        2500x3000mm  (Support customization)
Operation properties
Online / offline operation; continuous cutting with high efficiency, 7*24 with zero downtime
Safety device
Infrared adopted; sensitive response; safe and reliable
Multi-function tool
Oscillating knife full cut, semi-cut cutting, indentation, drawing mark, cursor positioning, camera positioning edge cutting, V-groove various angle cutting
Applicable materials
Corrugated carton box, Cardboard, gray cardboard, KT board, Chevron board, honeycomb board, car sticker, light sheet, PP adhesive, inkjet cloth, flag cloth, various corrugated cardboard, EPE foam, EVA, PVC board, acrylic board, etc.
Transmission system
Japanese servo motor + precision reducer + Taiwan PMI guide rail + grinding rack
Fixed mode
Vacuum adsorption
Cutting speed
0-1500mm/s(Set according to material)
Cutting thickness
Standard cutting height: ≤45mm, customizable maximum cutting height 110mm
Support file format
Rated power
Rated voltage
380V±10%/220V±10% Optional
Control System
Multi-language touch screen panels

It adopts computer control, supports input of electronic pattern, one-key cutting, simple operation, and can be configured with automatic board feeding system, replacing 3-6 workers.

1. The oscillating knife cutting machine is suitable for cutting a variety of packaging materials: it can cut different materials (corrugated paper, honeycomb board, cardboard, plastic board gray board color, composite paper, gasket, leather, cloth, etc.).

2. A variety of cutting functions: it can press out perfect folding lines on corrugated paper, cardboard, plastic board, and other materials, and can also be used for folding after half-cutting corrugated paper and cardboard, dotted line cutting, and other functions.

3. Can be equipped with a variety of cutting tools - cutting, creasing, beveling, and marking tools, which can complete line drawing, drawing, text annotation, indentation, half-knife cutting, and full-knife cutting at one time.

4. The processing method is more flexible and intelligent. It can be used for corrugated cardboard cutting, carton proofing, color box proofing, plastic box proofing, POP paper display rack paper shelf proofing, small batch production, shortening carton development, and delivery time; to meet the small batch, multi-style order production goals.


Tools Recommendation
  1. Oscillating knife: to cut off or half cut the cardboard, corrugated cardboard,honeycomb cardboard, gray board, etc.

2. Creasing wheel: Creasing wheel tool used to press the marks for folding the carton, also can process easy tear off carton dotted line cutting.

3.  V cut tool: for slotting and bevel cutting on honeycomb cardboard or corrugated cardboard.

4. CCD Camera: for read patterns on the printed cardboard, and then machine cut along the edge.

5. Pneumatic knife tool for cutting thick or hard cardboard, foam board, etc. More powerful.
Mamoun Arafat
Jan 17, 2024
I make packing boxes for auto parts, look at my machine, it's beautiful and works well.

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