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What is the processing method of the gasket? How can we better process and cut various gaskets ?

There are many kinds of gaskets commonly used in valves. According to the material of gaskets, they can be divided into three categories: non-metal, metal and composite materials.

1. Non-metallic gaskets mainly include rubber and asbestos rubber sheets, PTFE sheets and glass fiber PTFE sheets. The oscillating cutting tools are mainly used to cut non-metallic gaskets. The cutting process will be explained in detail below.
2、Metal gaskets (rings) are made of trapezoidal, elliptical, diamond, triangular and tooth-shaped metal gaskets. It is suitable for flammable, explosive, high temperature and high pressure media, with good sealing performance and high stability.
3、Composite gasket is a gasket made of metal and non-metal materials. It has the high temperature and high pressure performance of metal materials, and the flexibility and elasticity of non-metal materials.

Today we mainly discuss the cutting method of non-metallic gaskets. According to different factors, we can help you choose the right CNC cutting equipment.

Traditional Gaskets
The 5 processing methods:
1, sheet cutting gaskets; .
In the process of cutting Teflon sheet and asbestos sheet, we can roll the gasket directly round with a flap or forming plate because the size of the sheet is large, or we can cut it into square or round blocks and turn it into a lathe. The shims can also be made into molds to make thinner shims and punched out directly under the press.

2,Die stamping shims:
Presses are used for shim cutting and are suitable for mass production of standard shims, but there are two serious problems with this processing method.
First, the die is not flexible enough for processing. If the size and style of the shims change, a new mold needs to be made. The stack of molds not only takes up space, but costs a lot of money. Small batches of gaskets are very unsuitable for stamping.
Second, material waste. A good pressman will give you the means to save material and reduce waste, but how much can a worker have? The number of pieces determines his income. Many times, when you waste material, he won't waste material. Anyway, I gave you the amount. The cost issue has nothing to do with me. What do you say? It's hard to control, you can't keep an eye on it every day, it's too tiring.

3, Turning processing gasket: .
This processing method is suitable for Teflon solid rods and Teflon molded tubes.
Teflon tube turning gasket has good surface flatness, high output, high precision and less waste. It is also a more economical processing method. The disadvantage of processing is that each type of gasket requires a matching tube die;
Teflon rods are solid rods. The general gasket lathe is small and power-saving, and many companies use automatic lathes to facilitate processing. This processing method is generally suitable for bulk or small gaskets. Large gaskets are not primarily considered for material savings.

4, Molded gaskets
The use of mold direct molding, such gaskets generally have certain thickness requirements, such as the requirement of thickness greater than 3mm, gaskets are direct molding sintered, good density, good pressure resistance, but the processing speed is fast slow, mold processing is simple and applicable. Produce a large number of shims.

5,,Winding Gasket
For metal wound composite gasket, it is a kind of gasket made of V-shaped or W-shaped stainless steel belt and PTFE, spiral wound and spot welded at the beginning. It is suitable for the production of high temperature and high pressure steam, oil, gas and solvent.
The above five methods are the traditional methods of processing gaskets. Each cutting method has its advantages and disadvantages.

These five traditional processing methods have two problems:
1. High dependence on the skill level of workers;
The sealing industry has aging workers, the recruitment of mature operators is becoming more and more difficult, labor costs and management costs are getting higher, product quality is unstable, and material utilization cannot be controlled.

2、The production process requires making a large number of molds;
Processing method is not flexible enough for single size and large size gasket production. It can't meet the processing of sample making, shaped parts and non-standard specification gaskets. And the mold production will lead to long production cycle of gaskets and can not be delivered in time.

So, is there a more flexible processing method to help customers in the sealing industry to reduce production costs, ensure product quality and meet different types of order production?

The answer is: Yes!

Rubycnc-Digital Die oscillating knife Cutting Machine

With the continuous development of CNC technology, more and more industries are choosing to use intelligent cutting equipment instead of workers. CNC oscillating knife gaskets cutting machine is a kind of CNC processing equipment which is widely used in sealing industry. It adopts advanced vibrating knife cutting technology and can choose different tools according to the material. It can meet the cutting of asbestos sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, graphite composite sheet, rubber, PTFE and other non-metallic gaskets.

Rubycnc knife gasket cutting machine adopts reasonable and advanced mechanical structure design and professional intelligent processing software for sealing industry, so that Rubycnc sealing industry cutting machine can cut different sizes and shapes of gaskets with high precision, high speed and more stable.

Cutting gaskets with Rubycnc CNC oscillating(vibrating) knife cutitng machine has 4 advantages:

1、More flexible; automatic gasket cutting machine does not need molds, just import the processing data (PLT, DXF, AI format) into the system to cut and modify the size and shape of the gasket.

2、Saving material; the automatic nesting software can finish nesting quickly and accurately without manual nesting. After a lot of tests, using automatic cutting machine can save more than 10% of material.

3、Ensure product quality; CNC cutting is more accurate to meet the sealing requirements of gaskets.

4、Reduce the dependence of production on labor; CNC gasket cutting machine is very easy to operate and requires little workers, solving the problem of high labor cost and recruitment difficulties.

If you are a manufacturer in the gasket industry, you will face problems such as difficulty in recruiting skilled workers, low productivity, low material utilization, low order quantity, high product reject rate and long delivery time. Then, you can take a look at Rubycnc oscillating knife digital cutting machine. It can help you solve these problems and make your production super easy.

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