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By Jack | 07 April 2024 | 0 Comments

Creasing+V-grooving+cutting, for carton box package forming.

Creasing, V-grooving and cutting processes are a few commonly used procedures in carton moulding processing. With the improvement of the quality requirements of product packaging in the commodity market, the digital cutting machine with high efficiency, flexibility and stable performance will surely become the first choice.

According to the design requirements of the product, the cutter head is driven by the cutting machine, indenting or grooving according to the preset path of the system, and then cutting out the shape, so that the cardboard material can be bent and shaped in accordance with the predetermined position, becoming the common carton form we see in our daily life.

The Deveup Intelligent Digital Cutting Machine's "Pressure Wheel + Vibratory Knife" and "Bevelling Knife + Vibratory Knife" are now widely used cutting tools in packaging design and processing, let's take a look!
For thin corrugated cardboard, you can choose to use the "vibration knife + pressure wheel", through the round wheel of the pressure wheel rolled over the material, creating an indentation effect on the material, and then by the vibration knife to cut out the full contour.

For thick vertical corrugated cardboard and grey cardboard with high density, you can choose "Vibratory Cutter + Bevel Cutter". The bevel cutter processes V-grooves and bevels of different specifications, and then the vibratory cutter cuts out the packaging contour.

Working Principle of  Deveup Oscillating Knife Cutting Tool:

 Oscillating knife through the motor driven blade up and down high-frequency vibration, to achieve rapid cutting of the material, especially suitable for medium density material cutting and modelling, with different blades, to achieve different materials processing.

Working Principle of Creasing Wheel

The round wheel of the indentation wheel rolls over the material and creates an indentation effect on the material. The tool holder of the indentation wheel can be used to clamp different wheels and support "different roller sizes", which can be used with different sizes of wheels to realise different indentation effects.

Working Principle of V-Grooving/Bevel Cutting Tool:

The bevel cutting tool processes V-grooves and bevelled surfaces of different sizes by changing the mounting angle of the blade (0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°). The miter cutter is clamped by the knife holder and fixed on the bracket, which can be moved up and down from left to right, so as to quickly and accurately adjust the grooving position and depth.


01 The press wheel, bevelling knife and vibrating knife cooperate with each other, the press wheel presses the foldable crease, the bevelling knife cuts the V-groove, and the vibrating knife cuts the contour. Processing speed is fast, can complete the processing of large area materials in a short time, high efficiency, suitable for mass production.

02 High precision of creasing, slotting and cutting, moving processing according to the path given by the system, it can realise the precise action on complex shapes with good effect and improve product quality and competitiveness.

03 Vibrating knives are available in a wide range, with different power, different amplitude and different speed; bevelling knives are available in a wide range, such as single bevelling, double bevelling, vibrating bevelling, etc.; the indenter wheel tool holder supports "different roller sizes", and the edge part of the indenter wheel has a certain hardness, which makes the indentation clear and of good quality.

04 The cutter head is made of high quality alloy, durable and not easy to be deformed, with good running stability and long service life.

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