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By Alice | 13 May 2023 | 0 Comments

How fast does your cnc oscillating knife cutting machine cut foam?

"Hi, how thick can your oscillating knife cutting machine cut, how fast, and can it meet mass production? I don't need the equipment for proofing, I use it for production." A customer from Thailand emailed to ask. "We are doing IXPE foam inner tray, my material thickness is about 0-100mm, mainly for product lining, the structure is more complicated.
IXPE foam cutting 0-100mm thick no problem ah, our machine cutting speed, cutting a 200mm circle in about 9-12 seconds, this you have the file, material, send over, we give you a test sample. This way, through the sample and the video we provide, you can understand, how many sets can be made in one hour? How many sets can be produced in a day? In addition to single-blade holders, our equipment also has double-blade holders. The speed of double-blade holders is twice as fast as single-blade holders.

"Okay, so we'll send you a piece of material today, you guys help me make a sample, there just happens to be a customer who needs a sample, you receive the material, the whole sheet, how many sets can be cut, make a sample." There is a demand for equipment from customers.

Many customers will ask the same question, that is, how fast is the vibrating knife cutting machine, is it only to play the sample, can not be used for production? Vibrating knife cutting machine speed is determined by two aspects, one is the machine configuration, our current 6-axis vibrating knife cutting machine speed straight line can reach 1800mm / s; cornering speed in 100-800mm / s; speed is automatically edited and set. The second is the material, non-metallic material diversity, different material hardness, height is not the same, the cutting speed is not the same.

In order to further improve the processing efficiency of the cnc oscillating(vibrating) knife cutting machine, the beginning of 2020, we began to launch to dual head, dual beam automatic oscillating knife cutting machine, to a more intelligent digital cutting machine direction. In the future customization, personalized order trends, oscillating(vibratory) knife cutting machine will usher in better development opportunities.

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