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By Deveupcnc | 05 August 2023 | 0 Comments

What are the advantages of oscillating knife cutter over laser cutter?

Deveup CNC Oscillating knife cutting machine is the latest generation of intelligent cutting machine, using the most advanced oscillating knife technology, in many industries gradually replace the laser cutting machine, but also replace the manual repetitive work.

Compared with laser cutting machine, oscillating cnc knife cutting machine is more environmentally friendly and stable, higher cutting efficiency, and maintenance is also simple, low cost. In the present carbon-neutral era, vibrating knife cutting is undoubtedly the mainstream of the cutting machine era.

Oscillating cnc digital cutting machine adopts sharp and sturdy tungsten steel blade for cutting, the cutting process is smoke-free and odorless, no paste edge. Vibrating knife cutting machine principle is the brain mapping transmission data knife machine control system, to the servo motor drive to send pulse signals to control the machine before and after the left and right up and down to achieve the movement of the machine, and send signals to the knife to cut the material, punching, indentation, marking and other work.

Vibrating knife cutting machine in the cutting up and down vibration, tens of thousands of times per minute vibration, similar to the principle of the saw blade, but there is no saw teeth, will not produce powder. Vibrating knife can be free to change the cutter head, according to the different materials can choose round knife, electric vibration knife, pneumatic vibration knife, drag knife, half cut knife, pressure wheel knife, beveling knife, milling knife and so on. Vibratory knife cutting a large number of materials, such as fabric, leather, synthetic leather, carbon fiber fiberglass fiber aramid fiber neoprene and other composite materials, EVA foam, pearl cotton, sponge, insulation cotton, sound-absorbing boards, cardboard, honeycomb paper corrugated paper and other kinds of cardboard.

Various materials have different flexibility and hardness, so it must be fixed in all directions. Vibrating knife cutting machine adopts precision aluminum honeycomb vacuum suction platform, cutting will be firmly adsorbed when the material, to prevent the material from shifting during the cutting process, to ensure the cutting effect and precision. Vibrating knife cutting machine can be equipped with automatic feeding platform, the cutting process automatically start and stop, convenient and quick.

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