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By Jack | 29 August 2023 | 0 Comments

What are the applications of Deveup Knife Cutting Machine in cardboard box industry?

What are the applications of Deveup Knife Cutting Machine in cardboard box industry?
Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutting machine can cut honeycomb cardboard, corrugated cardboard, gray paper board, cardboard and other cardboard, can make packaging cartons, cardboard crafts, packaging liner, color boxes, photo frames and other products.
Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutting machine is installed with oscillating cutting knife, bevel(V-cut tool/Grooving/slotting tool) knife, pressure wheel, CCD automatic edge-seeking camera and other supporting tools, when cutting cartons, the pressure wheel can be pressed folding marks, easy to fold into cartons.

When cutting thicker cardboard, the beveling knife can open V-groove to facilitate cardboard folding. The vibrating knife is used to cut the outer contour.Carton oscillating knife cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine, only need to import the CAD drawings into the machine software can automatically cut, according to the CAD drawings in the color of the automatic selection of the working knife head, do not need too much human intervention.
Packaging cartons are sampled before production to avoid problems in mass production. Vibrating knife cardboard cutting machine does not need to make a knife mold, according to CAD drawings automatically cut, saving the time and cost of opening the mold. It is also very easy to modify the design drawings. Nowadays, there are more and more customized products, and if all of them adopt the way of opening the knife mold, it will waste a lot of time and cost.
Deveup cnc vibrating knife cutting machine is very suitable for customized processing, small batch production, sampling and other work, so that factories can easily respond to a variety of orders. Vibrating knife cutting machine utilizes sturdy and sharp tungsten steel blade cutting, blade high frequency up and down vibration, control system to control the movement of the cutter head, to achieve a variety of shapes of processing, cutting speed, high precision, cutting effect is good.

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