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By Deveupcnc | 04 August 2023 | 0 Comments

How to cut label double-sided adhesive stickers? Deveup cnc knife cutting machine will show.

Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutting machine can cut all kinds of labels, double-sided tape, stickers. For example, car stickers, poster stickers, label stickers, trademark stickers, QR code stickers all kinds of stickers.
 Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutting machine is equipped with full cutter (drag knife) and half cutter, first by the half cutter on the sticker material half cut through, only cut through the surface layer of the material and glue without cutting through the backing paper, and then the full cutter (drag knife) to cut through the large piece of material into the shape and size we need. The half cutter cuts through the material by automatically adjusting the position of the tip of the knife to precisely locate the depth of the cut, realizing the half cut of the material. The drag knife cuts the material quickly by moving the tool rapidly. 

The half cutter and drag knife allow for the fastest possible reciprocating motion to half and full cut the material, a number of advantages that meet the higher demands of today's sticker cutting market.

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