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By Deveup | 26 January 2024 | 0 Comments

Advantages of cutting fabric and leather with Deveup cnc cutter

There are many ways to cut fabric, the traditional way of cutting is manual cutting by workers, the cutting precision is low, the efficiency is very slow, the cutting effect is not good, not suitable for mass production. There are also some customers cutting fabric with laser cutting machine, laser cutting fabric is fast, high precision, but because the laser cutting is thermal cutting, it will lead to carbonization of the cutting edge, yellowing and scorching, and the cutting process will have smoke and odor, which is not conducive to environmental protection and the operator's physical health.

So how to cut fabric and leather better, faster and more environmentally friendly?Deveup cnc knife cutting machine can be a perfect solution to this problem. It adopts the most advanced oscillating knife technology, equipped with high-speed wheel cuttiing tool, electric oscillating knife and pneumatic oscillating knife. It can cut a single layer of fabric at speeds up to 1800mm/s. It can also cut 10-20 layers of fabric, which greatly improves cutting efficiency.

Deveup fabric and leather cutting machine is equipped with 40CM thick precision aluminum vacuum adsorption platform and high power silent vacuum pump, when cutting fabric and leather, it can firmly fix the material, which ensures the flatness of the cut material and greatly improves the cutting accuracy.

Deveup fabric and leather cutting machine is equipped with automatic material feeding platform and loading frame with direction correction function, which can really realize 24 hours unattended work.

Deveup fabric leather cutting machine is equipped with Japan Panasonic or Taiwan Delta servo motor and drive, high precision, stable operation, to ensure that the machine will not break down after a long time of high-speed operation.

Deveup fabric and leather cutting machine is equipped with feature-rich cutting software and nesting software, supporting multiple formats (plt, dxf, dwg, ai, pdf), automatic optimization of nesting, which can help customers to maximize the savings of raw materials.

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