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By Deveup | 21 January 2024 | 0 Comments

CNC Digital Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine for Cutting Shaped EVA PE Foams

What is the way to profile cut EVA PE foam? Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutting machine can cut shaped EVA EPE PE foam perfectly.

 It is with high power electric oscillating knife cutting tool or pneumatic cutting tool and milling tool, it can cut max 110mm thick EPE or EPE and PE foams,

Advantages of Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutter to cut EPE EPE and PE foams:
1. More flexible: it does not need a mold, just process the electronic drawing (PLT, DXF, AI and PDF format) into the machine cutting software to cut, and can modify the size and shape of the processing graphics arbitrarily.

2. Saving materials: automatic nesting software can complete typesetting quickly and accurately without manual nesting. After actual testing, using Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutting machine can save more than 10% of material compared to manual cutting.

3. Meet different shapes foams cutting: can cut foam of different width, thickness, and vaious shapes. High cutting precision and clean smooth cutting edge to meet the cutting requirements of complex graphics.
4. The processing site is more humanized: it adopts high-frequency oscillating knife cutting technology. Compared with laser cutting, the processing site has no soot, no smell, and the cutting speed is 3-4 times that of the laser. More environmentally friendly processing methods.

5. Different types of tools can be configured: customers can configure different processing tools according to the processing materials – pneumatic cutting tool, punching tool, V-grooving tool, milling tool to configure freely to cut various materials.

6. Achieve higher cutting efficiency: Its max cutting speed can reach 1700mm/s. Customers can also choose dual-oscillating tools to cut at the same time, which doubles the processing efficiency.

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