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By Alice | 13 May 2023 | 0 Comments

How to quickly cut custom non-asbestos gaskets--By cnc gasket knife cutting machine is the best way

Rubycnc Oscillating Knife Gasket Cutting Machine uses high-frequency oscillation tools to quickly cut non-asbestos gaskets, no need molds, no peculiar smell and no smoke during the cutting process, high cutting accuracy, and meets the cutting of gaskets of various shapes and sizes, and is very suitable for manufacturing customized gaskets piece. It can be used to cut ordinary asbestos rubber gaskets, oil-resistant asbestos rubber gaskets, low-pressure asbestos gaskets, medium-pressure asbestos gaskets, oil-resistant asbestos gaskets and other materials.

The traditional manufacturing mode of non-asbestos gaskets uses die stamping, and a die needs to be made before each cut, which is suitable for producing gaskets of a single shape or size and realizing mass order production. However, as the application of gaskets becomes more and more extensive, the shapes and sizes of gaskets that customers need to produce become more and more diversified, and there are more and more small batch orders. The factory cannot refuse such production orders. It needs to find a more flexible and intelligent production method to meet the production of small batches and multi-style gaskets to solve the problem of high mold production costs and long production cycles.

Rubycnc gaskets digital blade cutting machine perfectly solves the problem of customized gasket cutting. It adopts CNC cutting mode, no need mold, only need to transfer the designed graphics to the computer, and use the intelligent nesting system to quickly manage the cutting graphics and quantity, In order to obtain the best material utilization rate and ensure perfect cutting accuracy without secondary processing.

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