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By Deveupcnc | 13 May 2023 | 0 Comments

How much does the system compensate when cutting? Table Data Collector has the answer

The flatness of the cutting table is an important factor affecting the processing accuracy. The more uneven the cutting table is, the greater the accuracy error of the processing will be; the flatter the table is, the smaller the accuracy error will be. The smaller the accuracy error of cutting, the more standard the finished product processed will be, and the higher the quality of the product produced.

The flatness of the cutting table will not only affect the cutting accuracy, but also the cutting efficiency. When there is a depressed part of the cutting table, it may cause the blade not to cut the material completely and need to be processed twice, which will seriously affect the processing efficiency. In addition, when the cutting table has a raised part, it may also cause the blade to break, and this will not only affect the processing progress, but also cause the waste of the blade.

The flatness of the cutting table is directly related to the processing accuracy of the cutting head, as well as the efficiency of processing, that when the cutting machine is working, how to ensure the flatness of its table? Or how to ensure that the relative fall of the cutting tool when cutting to compensate for it?

DEVEUP Intelligence has developed and produced a product for the flatness of cutting tables - a table surface collector.
Working Principle: The flatness data of the table surface is collected by sensors to realize the compensation of the relative tool drop by the system automatically during the machining process.

The table top data collector becomes even more important when customers replace the convey felt by themselves at a later stage. We will equip each of our valued customers with a table top data collector to ensure the best cut for each machine and for its whole life. Many companies will not tell you this and most will not equip you with this table top data collector considering the cost of the machine. Our company spares no cost to ensure the best quality and best performance of each machine, and we do our best to eliminate the worries of our customers during usage of the machine.

If you want a high quality machine with user-friendly after-sales service, then please contact us.

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