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By Deveup | 03 July 2023 | 0 Comments

How to cut carpet by cnc oscillating knife digital cutting machine?

Carpet is a common decorative item in home design and decoration, there are many types of carpets with different materials. There are pure carpet, mixed gauze carpet, chemical synthetic fiber carpet, wool carpet and so on. For the cutting and finishing of these carpets, the traditional cutting method has many disadvantages, so it is necessary to choose a cutting tool with higher efficiency to realize various kinds of carpet cutting.

There are many disadvantages of the traditional carpet cutting method:
1. Large area carpet cutting is labor-intensive, time-consuming and material-intensive.
2. Irregular carpet cutting work is slow and inefficient.
3. Personalized carpet will lead to the increase of carpet mold cost.
4. Low cutting accuracy of printed carpet, and large error in cutting size.

DEVEUP intelligent vibrating knife cutting machine is a kind of automatic machine tool installed with program control system, which can realize the precise cutting of material by clamping the tool, and is widely used in carpet cutting industry. For the cutting process, the cutting tool is a high precision tool, the correct selection and reasonable application of the tool directly affects the processing quality and accuracy of the finished parts.

DEVEUP wheel cutter is a cutter widely used in the carpet industry. The basic principle of wheel cutter is to cut the material by motor-driven high-speed rotating movement of the blade, which can process a variety of carpet materials.

1. Good quality
Selected high-quality alloy, the production process of strict implementation of the testing indicators, round knife quality reliability, good stability, long service life, durable and not easy to deformation.
2.Rich models
External drive circular knives, internal drive circular knives, DC circular knives, AC circular knives, servo circular knives, good adaptability with machine tools, can provide the best circular knives according to customer materials, to achieve efficient cutting purposes for customers.
3. Fast cutting speed  
The cutting of large area material of carpet can be completed in a short time with high efficiency, which is suitable for mass production.
4.Good cutting quality 
Cutting by the blade clamped by the round knife, no smoke, no smell, no pollution when cutting carpet, no black edge, bringing customers high quality cutting effect.
5. High cutting precision 
According to the path movement given by the system, it has high precision cutting function, which can realize the accurate cutting of various shapes of carpets and restore the graphic outline to the maximum extent, bringing the customers high quality cutting effect.

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