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By DEVEUP | 04 June 2023 | 0 Comments

DEVEUP takes you through the diversity of cutter tools for cutting different materials (fabric leath

Along with the development of manufacturing industry, different materials and processing scenarios emerge, the design becomes more and more complex, and there is more demand for cutting process.

DEVEUP (RUBYCNC) enjoys a variety of toolheads with independent intellectual property rights, and is an innovative enterprise in the development of toolheads for machine tools in China. With a wide range of cutterhead products, it provides a rich selection of tools for different materials and processing scenarios, which can realize functions such as full-cutting, half-cutting, slotting, punching, etc.

1.Full cut
Can realize the knife: vibration knife, round knife, pneumatic knife, drag knife

Through the tool's ultra-high-speed reciprocating motion to cut off the material, whether it is applied in cutting fabric, leather, car interiors or advertising composites and other industries, the performance is very good, with different blades, but also to achieve the processing of different materials, and therefore loved by the majority of users.

Can realize the knife: half-cutting knife, pressure cutting knife

By automatically adjusting the position of the knife tip to the material precise depth positioning cutting, to achieve semi-cutting through the self-adhesive material, only cut through the surface layer of the material and glue without cutting through the backing paper. Allows to cut the material at the fastest processing speed, high cost performance and low maintenance cost. Combined with different blades, the best cutting effect for different materials can be achieved.

3. Slotting
Achievable tools: miter knife, double-blade miter knife, vibrating miter knife

The miter knife cuts a V-slot along the designed route on the surface of the material, so that the cardboard is folded along the slotted line to form the angles of the body. Different specifications of V-slots and bevels can be processed by changing the installation angle of the blade (0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°). The grooving depth is uniform to meet various needs such as narrow groove, wide groove, shallow groove and deep groove.

Punching tools: round punch, pin punch, v-punch, one-piece punch, high-speed punch, double-head punch, etc.
Punching is done by the cylinder driving the spindle to lift and lower, so that the punch can punch the material. Different shapes and sizes can be punched by replacing different punches. Punching speed is fast, no small or large holes, fine punching, consistent size and neat arrangement, so it is favored by many manufacturers.

5. Marking
Realizable tools: pneumatic paintbrush, electric paintbrush, fixed paintbrush
The brush can draw various patterns and knife path movement trajectory on the material to be cut. Compact structure, easy installation, flexible and convenient use, fine effect, clear marking pattern, easily adapt to the needs of industrial mass production.

6. Creasing
Realizable tool: Creasing wheel
The indentation wheel produces an indentation effect on the material by rolling a round wheel over the material. With different sizes of wheels, different creasing effects can be achieved. deveup creasing wheel is fast and effective, with clear creases and neat lines, and can process corrugated paper, cardboard, corrugated plastic board and other materials.

7. Table surface flatness data acquisition
Realizable tool: table leveling collector
The table surface collector collects the flatness data of the table surface through the sensor to realize the system automatically compensate the relative fall of the tool during the processing to ensure that the cutter can cut the material smoothly and avoid the accuracy and efficiency of the processing due to the unevenness of the table surface.

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