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By Deveupcnc | 20 May 2023 | 0 Comments

How to choose a gasket cutting machine?

Seal gaskets have good elasticity and resilience and fill the sealing gap when pressed, making them a spare part material for sealing connections between machine parts. The good sealing properties also make it a basic component and accessory in many industries.
Gaskets are cut to the required size and are available in a wide range of designs and materials, such as graphite gaskets, asbestos gaskets, rubber gaskets, silicone gaskets, aramid gaskets, etc.
With the increasing competitiveness of the market, the disadvantages of the traditional cutting method of gaskets are gradually magnified.
1. the increasing number of shaped non-standard orders and the complexity of shaped cutting, which is difficult to be satisfied by the traditional process;
2. the hardness of gaskets of different materials may also vary, making cutting difficult;
3. traditional cutting edges are prone to burrs and high cost of secondary polishing;
4. increase in labor cost and difficulty in recruiting professional staff;
5. Increasing requirements for cutting precision, which is difficult to achieve by traditional process.
6. Low efficiency and long delivery cycle.

Therefore, more and more manufacturers choose to purchase DEVEUP CNC gasket cutting machine tools to complete the cutting of gaskets. Besides the machine's cutting system (function), transmission system (accuracy) and motion system (stability), the cutting head is also one of the key components of the CNC machine tool, which will directly harden to the quality of gasket cutting.
RUBYCNC (DEVEUP) has a professional R&D team, insisting on developing and creating high quality, high standard and high technology cutting head, trying to meet the multifaceted needs of the sealing industry for cutting head.
1)Electric oscillating cutting knife
By motor driven blade ultra-high speed reciprocating motion to cut the material, especially suitable for medium density sealing material cutting. High-powered vibrating knives are also available, which are suitable for sealing materials with high hardness.
2)Pneumatic oscillating cutting knife
Reciprocating cutting by controlled gas, can cut gasket materials of greater thickness. Suitable for cutting asbestos, non-asbestos, silicone and other sealing materials.
3)Milling knife
It is mostly used for cutting hard gasket materials, such as nylon gaskets, by driving the blade with high frequency rotation by servo motor.
● Cutting by the blade clamped by the cutting head, no smoke, no smell and no pollution when cutting;
●Maximum restoration of the original graphic contour, bringing the customer a high quality cutting effect;

● Good adaptability between the tool and the machine tool, and the tool specifications can also be customized according to requirements;

Good stability, long service life, durable and not easy to deformation, more stable to complete the seal shaped processing;

●The finished cutting products are jagged-free, burr-free, flat and smooth, and have good consistency.
DEVEUP help seal manufacturers to win more market with high quality, short production cycle, customized service!

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