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By Deveup | 26 January 2024 | 0 Comments

What is the best way to cut honeycomb cardboard corrugated paper? Digital cutting machine tells

Deveup CNC oscillating knife cutting machine has many advantages in cutting honeycomb paperboard or corrugated paper.

1, Deveup CNC oscillating knife cutting machine adopts high frequency oscillation knife plus sharp and durable tungsten steel blade as the cutting tool, which can quickly and accurately penetrate the outer layer of honeycomb cardboard. It can also be matched with cutting heads of different power and amplitude to meet the cutting needs of different materials with different thickness. In addition, the design of the vibrating knife cutter allows the tool to vibrate with a tiny and fast cutting amplitude, thus realizing a fine cutting effect.

2, Deveup digital knife cutter adopts an advanced automated control system that allows precise positioning and control according to the cutting requirements. Users only need to import electronic graphics into the machine's cutting software in advance, and the machine is able to complete the cutting process automatically. This not only improves the work efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

3, Deveup cnc vibratory knife cutting machine is able to realize very fine cutting dimensions and is capable of cutting high-precision shapes and contours. Whether it is a simple straight line cut, a complex curve cut or more complicated shapes, it can be handled with ease. Moreover, since no heat is generated during the cutting process, there is no deformation or damage to the honeycomb board. There are no fumes or odors as with laser cutters.

All in all, Deveup CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is a recommended cutting machine. Its high-speed cutting, precise control and environmental safety make it a clear advantage in cutting honeycomb cardboard and corrugated cardboard. Whether in industrial production or personal production, vibrating knife cutting machines can be utilized to achieve efficient and fine cutting tasks.

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