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By Deveupcnc | 21 August 2023 | 0 Comments

What sound-absorbing insulation foam can be cut by foam knife digital cutting machine?

What insulation materials and sound absorbing materials can be cut by DEVEUP oscillating cnc knife cutting machine? It can cut rubber insulation wool, polyester fiber acoustic board, fiberglass wool, rock wool, aluminosilicate wool, phenolic foam insulation board,polyester fiber acoustic board(PET foam) and other insulation wool materials and sound insulation and acoustic board. Manual cutting is the traditional way of cutting. Insulation cotton cutting machine compared to the traditional manual cutting what are the advantages?

1) some insulation materials will produce a certain amount of harm to the human body, such as glass fiber cotton will affect the lungs and respiratory tract, and may cause contact dermatitis, manual cutting when the need to wear protective clothing. Insulation cotton cutting machine reduces the artificial contact with the material, reducing the harm to the human body.

2)  the manual cutting of the precision reading is relatively low, manual cutting when the sample is placed on the material, and then cut with a wallpaper knife extended sample, the cutting edge is not neat and easy to pull, affecting the beauty and accuracy of the installation. Insulation cotton cutting machine is CNC vibration knife cutting machine, vibration knife cutting machine using high-frequency vibration knife cutting insulation cotton, cutting high precision, and cutting the edges clean and neat smooth.

3)  the cost of manual cutting insulation cotton is relatively high, the efficiency is relatively slow. Glass fiber wool, for example, vibrating knife cutting machine can cut ten squares a day, if the manual cutting ten squares, it takes three people to work two days, insulation cotton cutting machine to improve the processing efficiency, reduce labor costs. Fourth, insulation cotton cutting machine can be optional automatic feeding table, the machine can automatically pull the material forward to achieve continuous cutting of the coil.

4) Oscillating knife cutting machine using vacuum adsorption fixed material, vacuum adsorption automatic start and stop.


In addition to the insulation cotton material, Deveup intelligent oscillating knife cutting machine can also cut EVA foam, pearl cotton, polyurethane fiber cotton, packing carton, corrugated carton, honeycomb cardboard, hollow board, glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, leather, fabric and other flexible materials with fast speed and easy operation without mold. Just import the CAD drawing into the machine cutting software, the software will automatically optimize the layout, one key cutting, save time and effort.

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