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By Deveupcnc | 03 August 2023 | 0 Comments

Deveup CNC Cutting Machine in packing Carton making and Corrugated Honeycomb Cardboard Cutting field

Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutting machine is a kind of advanced equipment based on high-frequency vibrating blade to realize the cutting function, which plays an important role in carton proofing and corrugated honeycomb paper cutting industry. Packaging carton and corrugated honeycomb industry is a huge and critical industry, which requires high speed, quality and efficiency in the manufacturing of packaging cartons. Traditional cutting and production methods usually rely on manual operation or traditional mechanical equipment, and are unable to meet the demands of modern, efficient and diversified production.

With its advantages of high speed, precision, intelligence, convenience and automation, Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutting machine has gradually replaced the traditional cutting method and become one of the most advanced cutting tools in the packaging industry as well as corrugated paper honeycomb paper crafts and related industries. Its application is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Automated production: Deveup digital oscillating knife cutting machine is equipped with a high-frequency vibrating knife tool as well as a pressure wheel tool, which can be used for cutting and production by simply importing CAD drawings into the machine's software, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of production. Traditional manual cutting there are workers operating inaccurate, inefficient, expensive tooling costs and other issues, while the vibrating knife cutting machine can achieve high-speed continuous cutting, without the need to open the knife mold, and will not be limited by the technical level of personnel, convenient and fast.

2. Precise cutting: Deveup Vibrating cnc knife cutting machine adopts advanced high-frequency vibration technology, which can realize precise cutting of honeycomb cardboard, gray cardboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and make sure the cutting line is neat and smooth. In addition, the vibrating knife cutting machine can be adjusted according to different cutting requirements, and flexibly cope with different specifications and shapes of cartons.

3. Maintaining carton quality: Deveup cnc oscillating knife cutting machines utilize a blade to cut corrugated cartons. Compared to laser cutting, the vibrating knife cutting process does not generate smoke and problems such as muddled edges, which helps to maintain the integrity and quality of the product, whereas the laser cutting process not only generates smoke, but also smells and has problems with muddled edges. Traditional cutting methods often lead to problems such as separation of corrugated cardboard layers and fuzzy cuts, which can be avoided during the oscillating knife cutting process.

4. Cost saving: The vibratory knife cutting machine has an efficient and stable cutting speed, an advanced control system and cutting software with a discharge optimization function, which avoids waste and resource consumption, thus reducing production costs. Compared with manual operation, vibratory knife cutting machine can realize continuous cutting, and does not require additional human maintenance and training costs. Compared with laser cutting machines, frequent replacement of laser tubes and focusing mirrors can be avoided, as well as the hassle of regular maintenance of the laser tube and focusing mirror mirrors and the associated costs.

In summary, Deveup oscillating cnc knife cutting machine in the packaging carton proofing and honeycomb paper corrugated paper cutting industry has an important application value. It not only improves the efficiency and quality of carton production, but also reduces costs. With the continuous progress of technology and equipment, vibrating knife cutting machine will have a broader application prospect.

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