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By Deveup | 12 September 2023 | 0 Comments

All say phenolic foam duct is good, but do you know how to make phenolic duct?

Phenolic is a foaming substance of phenol and formaldehyde. Phenolic resin is basically free of harmful substances after foaming and curing.

Phenolic foam material
Phenolic foam material is a polymer organic rigid foam products, is made of thermosetting phenolic resin foam, it has a lightweight, fire prevention, no combustion in case of open flame, no smoke, no dripping, the use of a wide range of temperatures (-196 ~ +200 ° C) low-temperature environment does not shrink, does not embrittlement, it is the ideal insulation material for heating, ventilation and refrigeration engineering, due to the high rate of closure of the phenolic foam, then the thermal conductivity is low, thermal insulation performance is good, and has a resistance to water and water vapor permeability. Due to the high closed cell ratio of phenolic foam, it has low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, and has water resistance and water vapor permeability, which is an ideal thermal insulation and energy saving material.

Because phenolic has a benzene ring structure, so the size is stable, the rate of change <1%. And the chemical composition is stable, anti-corrosion and anti-aging, especially resistant to organic solutions, strong acids, weak alkali corrosion. In the production process of foaming without Freon as a blowing agent in line with international environmental standards, and its molecular structure contains hydrogen, oxygen, carbon elements, high temperature decomposition, the overflow gas is odorless, harmless to the human body, the environment are harmless, in line with the national requirements of green environmental protection. Therefore, phenolic super composite panel is the ideal fireproof, insulation, energy saving, beautiful environmental protection and green thermal insulation materials!

Phenolic foam is known as the "king of thermal insulation materials", is a new generation of thermal insulation, fire and sound insulation materials. In the 21st century today, developed countries, phenolic foam material development is rapid, has been widely used in construction, national defense, foreign trade, storage, energy and other fields. The United States construction industry used in the sound insulation foam, phenolic material has accounted for 40%; Japan has also set up a phenolic foam popularization association to promote this new material.

Phenolic foam is also recognized internationally as a new type of insulation material with a promising future in the construction line. Because, this new material and the usual polymer resin rely on the addition of flame retardants to get the material is fundamentally different, in the fire does not burn, does not melt, and will not emit toxic fumes, and has a lightweight, non-corrosive, heat preservation, energy saving, sound insulation, inexpensive, etc., and do not use Freon foam, no environmental pollution, good processing, construction is convenient, and its comprehensive performance is now known to a variety of heat preservation materials can not be compared.

General in hotels, apartments, hospitals and other high-rise buildings central air-conditioning system insulation (Hong Kong's building central air-conditioning system in recent years has been most of the switch to phenolic foam materials). For refrigeration, cold storage of cold and for petrochemical and other industrial piping and equipment insulation, building partitions, exterior composite panels, ceiling ceilings, sound-absorbing panels, etc. There are indisputable advantages, to solve the fire performance of other organic materials is not ideal, and inorganic materials, water absorption, easy to "condensation", construction of the skin prickling and other problems. It is the third generation of thermal insulation material for air-conditioning system and various electrical appliances.

In addition, in recent years, polystyrene foam in some large and medium-sized cities in the country has been more widely used, but because of its poor flame retardant properties, and emit toxic gases, therefore, phenolic foam material will replace, become a competitive new building materials.

Phenolic duct is good, but do you know how to make it? The traditional way of cutting is slow and ineffective. More and more customers choose to buy Deveup's oscillating knife cutting machine to make split phenolic ducts. Deveup's vibration knife cutting machine is equipped with vibrating knife and beveling knife, slotting and beveling can be completed at one time, with professional duct making software, all kinds of shapes of ducts can be made quickly, saving time and labor. If you also need this phenolic duct cutter, then contact us.

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