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By Jack | 23 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Why choose Rubycnc oscillating knife cutting machine to cut EVA foams?

How to better cut EVA foam for customized packaging insert?

The best CNC cutting machine for EVA foam-faster cutting speed, thicker cutting, more perfect cut section, and no smoke or dust during the cutting process.
Now, maybe you are using laser cutting EVA foam to help you complete various custom foam insertions, but after you use it for a period of time, you must find that the speed of laser cutting EVA foam is very slow, and it will generate smoke, smell, burning and dust during cutting. this greatly affects the health of the operators. So why not choose a better CNC foam cutting machine——Rubycnc oscillating knife digital cutting machine.

Advantages of Rubycnc EVA foam digital knife blade cutting machine:

1. The CNC knife cutting machine uses 0.7MPA gas-driven blades for high-frequency vibration cutting, which is safe, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, high-precision, and beautiful in cutting effects.

2. Support vector format files such as DXF, PLT, AI, etc., no matter any graphics, it can be cut according to its designed path to meet the requirements of cutting various custom foam inserts.

3. According to the needs of users, the CNC knife cutting machine can choose cutting tools, milling cutters, creasing, V-groove cutters, positioning, rotating table tops, automatic feeding, and other tools and functional configurations to meet the cutting of different industries and materials. need.

4. In the process of cutting EVA foam, the CNC oscillating knife cutting machine adopts vacuum adsorption for the fixing of the material, which can not only achieve the fixing effect, but also solve the unevenness of the material and ensure the best cutting effect.

5. Rubycnc oscillating knife cutting machine is very flexible, which solves the production problems of batches and multiple styles and improves production efficiency.
Our CNC oscillating knife digital cutting machine has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used to cut various foam packaging inserts such as EVA and EPE, but also be used in popular industries such as clothing, electronics, gaskets, home furnishing, advertising, and composite materials.

The materials cut by the CNC oscillating knife cutting machine are mainly flexible materials, such as corrugated paper, cardboard, leather, rubber, gaskets, PVC, soft glass, canvas, silk circle, sponge composite, XPE, EVA, fiber blanket, artificial leather, genuine leather, Fabrics, plush toys, shoe linings, prepregs, glass fiber, carbon fiber, rubber gaskets, etc.

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