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By Jack | 10 April 2023 | 0 Comments

What materials are oscillating knife cutters used to cut?

Oscillating knife cutting machine is currently in the non-metallic flexible material cutting process is a more widely used processing equipment, mainly using the blade of the upper and lower high-frequency vibration for cutting, with high precision, fast cutting speed, not limited to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic loading and unloading, intelligent nesting calculations, cutting edge smooth, etc., because the vibrating knife cutting machine has a multifunctional head unique features, with different tools and different cutting tools, cutting different materials with its tools will also change, cutting leather sponge composite materials with vibrating knife cutting is more appropriate, cutting fabric with a circular knife cutting is more appropriate, cutting paper stickers can choose a half knife is more appropriate, in short, the tool is complete, can cut any graphics any non-metallic flexible materials, such as: corrugated paper, honeycomb board, cardboard, stickers, stickers, polyester fiberboard, acoustic cotton, PVC board, foam board, foam, carbon fiber, glass fiber, ceramic fiber, fabric, silk circle, leather, fur, felt, carpet, rubber, kt board, etc.

For example, in the flexible material cutting, such as: car foot mats, PVC board, clothing fabric, KT board, sponge, fiber composites, soft glass, etc., many people for these materials processing troubles, high labor costs, slow time, low accuracy, laser cutting will be burnt, yellowing edges are not beautiful, there is an unpleasant smell is not environmentally friendly and other disadvantages, then through the vibration knife cutting machine can avoid these problems, vibration knife cutting machine can High-frequency, high-speed intelligent cutting, dust-free and pollution-free, the cutting surface is very round, no burrs, and very fast, saving labor costs, and the cutting effect is also very ideal, while the vibrating knife cutting machine has a variety of sizes to choose from, quickly meet the cutting needs of a variety of materials.

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