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By Alice | 11 April 2023 | 0 Comments

What is the best way to cut composite materials such as fabric and carbon fibers fiberglass?

Carbon fiber is a new material, with high temperature resistance, anti-friction, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, etc., the shape is fibrous, soft, can be processed into a variety of fabrics, in general we will use carbon fiber woven into the shape of woven fabric, carbon fiber fabric of strong characteristics, so we need characteristics of the cutting equipment.
Carbon fiber fabric cutting we first thought of manual scissors cutting, manual scissors cutting carbon fiber woven fabric has the advantage of cost, but the carbon fiber woven fabric in the cutting process will appear loose edge phenomenon, cutting accuracy is also no way to ensure the efficiency of cutting because of the hardness of the fiber material is also no way to ensure that the labor cost savings will cause a lot of material waste, so manual scissors cutting Just suitable for personal processing use, and not suitable for manufacturers batch processing.

  Laser cutting machines also have a place in the fiber cutting field, and we have branches that also produce cutting machines, but laser cutting is thermal cutting, which can lead to yellowing of the cutting edges, scorched edges, and the cutting process can produce smoke and unpleasant odors. So I don't recommend using laser cutting machine only to cut composite materials such as carton fiber cloth fabric fiberglass and etc.

 Oscillating knife cutting machine is suitable for glass fiber cloth, carbon fiber, prepreg, glass fiber cotton, ceramic fiber cotton and other composite materials cutting, for the cured material is not applicable, vibrating knife cutting machine using one piece of welding technology to ensure that the equipment in the long operation process is not deformed, not shaking, the whole machine has undergone high temperature heat treatment technology, deformation is lower, Panasonic brushless servo motor, more intelligent, failure rate of one in ten million, Longer service life and faster running speed.
  Compared to other cutting, oscillating  knife blade digital cutting machine have some advantages:

  1. Good cutting effect, vibrating knife cutting machine according to the graphic cutting, cutting without loose edges, no scorched edges, no jagged phenomenon, no smoke and no smell.

  2. High precision, the choice of pulse positioning servo motor, cutting accuracy ± 0.01mm.

  3. Fast speed, running speed 2000mm / s, fast cutting speed, coupled with its automatic loading, cutting and unloading characteristics, the equipment can replace 4-6 artificial.

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