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By Jack | 07 April 2023 | 0 Comments

What is oscillating knife cutting machine?

The function and use of cnc oscillating knife cutting machine
The CNC oscillating knife digital cutting machine is a kind of cutting equipment that uses high frequency vibration of the blade up and down tens of thousands of times per minute, while achieving the cutting of materials. Using sharp and sturdy tungsten steel blade cutting, no powder chip, environmental protection and no pollution, with high precision, fast cutting speed, not limited to the restrictions of the cutting pattern, automatic loading and unloading, intelligent nesting, smooth kerf, low processing costs and other characteristics. It gradually replaces the traditional flexible material cutting equipment. The following we learn about vibrating knife cutting machine:
Conventional machine models are generally 6090/1612/2516/2518/3020/5016, etc. Other model sizes can also be customized. Such as: 2516 vibrating knife cutting machine, the effective cutting size is 2500mmX1600mm. The combination of knife head function can be optional vibrating knife, circular knife, milling knife, dragging knife, punching, pressure wheel, V groove and other tool processing, the table is divided into fixed and automatic feeding type. Can be straight line arc cutting, shaped cutting without knife die, round punching, V special punching with direction, the processing of the brush, red light positioning, Mark point positioning cutting, large visual automatic one-touch photo, optimize the layout of automatic renewal cut, with the export standard intelligent infrared safety protection, anti-injury hand and other functions, the machine is perfectly upgraded.
The cnc oscillating knife digital cutting machine is suitable for car interior upholstery, advertising industry, garment fur, carpet mats, sofa home, bags shoes and hats, carton packaging, package lining, sealing gaskets, fabrics, digital printing, and aerospace, new materials in science and technology, carbon fiber, nano, composite materials, etc., such as car foot mats, tailgate mats, leather covers, seat covers, cushions, KT board, chevron board, self-adhesive, corrugated paper honeycomb board, Carbon fiber composite materials, EVA pearl cotton, sponge foam, acoustic insulation board, and so on various flexible soft materials.
CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is recognized by more and more industries, greatly improving working efficiency, saving labor and improving product quality. There are many industry friends, still not quite clear vibration knife equipment, you can carry or mail the need to cut the sample material mailed to Shandong Rubycnc manufacturers, free sample test cuts, so as to more effectively see the effect of cutting, to meet the requirements of satisfaction before buying. Shandong Rubycnc oscillating knife cutter machine also has the following characteristics:
1. CNC oscillating digital knife cutting machine using sharp tungsten steel blades cutting, cutting process without odor, no dust, no pollution, environmentally friendly cutting.
2. Cutting edge flat and smooth, vibrating knife cutting machine compared to laser cutting machine, there will be no yellowing and scorching site, the cutting surface is very neat. So that the later for the processing of products.
3. Fast cutting speed, the whole machine adopts imported pure servo motor drive, fast and accurate, cutting speed is 4-6 times faster than other equipment.
4. Simple operation, fully automatic cutting mode, eliminating the need for manual assistance in the side cutting, invariably saving some unnecessary human resources, saving great costs for enterprises with people.

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