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By Jack | 11 April 2023 | 0 Comments

What is Acoustic insulation cotton? How should acoustic insulation cotton material be cut?

Insulation cotton is the high purity clay clinker, alumina powder, silica powder, chrome British sand and other raw materials through high temperature melting to form a fluid, and then in the fluid through the compressed air blowing or the use of silk throwing machine into fiber installed, and finally through the collection of cotton into the raw materials we see insulation cotton. Insulation cotton raw materials and then through different processing procedures, the formation of carpets, plates, fabrics, rope material and other different process products.
Characteristics of insulation cotton:
As an emerging insulation material, insulation cotton has very good physical and chemical properties.
Insulation wool is mostly white color, and the size is accurate, the cutting process is simple and has been completed, the subsequent installation work can also greatly save time.Without any binding agent, anti-oxidation, good resistance to reduction, can be used in the air for a long time.Low thermal fusion, poor thermal conductivity, a certain degree of fire resistance, and good thermal sensitivity.Excellent impact resistance and wind erosion resistance, can be used as both cushioning and protective material.Both sound absorption effect and fireproof effect.Stable performance, not easily denatured.Good skin-friendly effect, no harmful effect with human contact, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-polluting.
With its excellent nature, insulation cotton has now been widely used in a variety of industries: trains, theaters, stadiums and other public places of insulation materials, industrial furnaces, boilers and other incineration heating equipment insulation, construction industry, exterior walls, linings, water pipes and other outsourcing materials, high-temperature pipeline insulation materials, a variety of industrial equipment fire, insulation materials for electronic components and so on.
Insulation cotton is widely used, and the market is huge, in the use of a very important process is cutting, the insulation cotton raw materials cut into a variety of sizes and shapes. At present, the most suitable cutting equipment when the vibration knife cutting machine.
Rubycnc oscillating knife acoustic insulation cotton foam panels cutter machine has faster cutting speed, good results, cutting process without smoke and odor, the cutting effect is clean and not yellow. Automatic loading and unloading can also be carried out, saving labor and man-hours, in terms of cutting accuracy, with high-frequency vibration knife and multi-axis control system, so that the cutting accuracy to a higher level, the subsequent reprocessing provides a lot of convenience. Adding a making tool can mark the material while cutting.

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