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By Jack | 11 April 2023 | 0 Comments

What are the advantages of cutting leather with cnc oscillating knife cutter machine?

What are the advantages of cutting leather with vibrating/oscillating cnc knife cutting machine?

First of all, Rubycnc oscillating knife digital cutting machine does not need molds to cut leather. It can finish punching, marking and cutting at one time to achieve fast and automatic leather cutting, which is suitable for batch and multi-style order production.

Leather is a common flexible material in our daily life. Leather products cover almost all aspects of our life, such as leather bags, shoes, leather clothes, sofas, car seats, etc.

With the continuous upgrading of personalized consumption, people are no longer satisfied with ordinary leather products. However, the traditional cutting process simply cannot meet the processing of various complex patterns of customization. So, how to solve the contradiction between the traditional leather cutting technology and the emerging consumer characteristics?

Are you looking for a new cutting method to replace the traditional leather processing, change the status quo of long production cycle, high production cost, serious waste of raw materials, and improve the leather cutting accuracy to meet the diversified market demand?

As a more flexible leather processing method, laser cutting once occupied the mainstream of the leather processing market, but laser cutting is a thermal cutting method. Although it has mature performance and low price, laser cutting flexible materials have certain disadvantages, such as producing smoke and odor, burning edges and even whole material burning, which do not meet environmental requirements, damage the health of operators, and cannot meet the strict requirements of high-end customers for product quality.
In this situation our CNC oscillating knife leather cutting machine came into being.
The emergence of CNC oscillating knife cutting machine has ushered in a brand new solution for the leather processing industry. Leather oscillating knife cutting machine adopts high-frequency oscillating knife fast cutting technology, which not only cuts beautifully, does not scorch the edges, is smokeless and odorless, but also has fast efficiency and can cut all kinds of graphics conveniently and quickly.
We have rich experience in leather cutting applications. Based on the application practice of leather shoes, bags, car interiors, upholstered sofas, etc., we have developed high quality CNC leather cutting machines to help our customers build a more intelligent and flexible automated leather cutting and cutting machine to solve various production problems, such as new proofing, batch customization, high production cost, complex process and long production cycle.

  Advantages of CNC oscillating knife leather cutting machine
1. High speed: Using high frequency oscillating knife cutting, the actual cutting speed can reach 1200mm/s to achieve high speed processing. Smooth cut, no flying edge, automatic closing, no deformation.
2. Shorten the delivery cycle: no need for mold, just input the CAD graphics into the computer for fast cutting, reducing the mold manufacturing cost and time.
3. More intelligent: Instead of manual design, proofing and cutting, it can meet the production needs of various small lots and multiple styles.
4. Meet a variety of cutting processes: use a variety of tool combinations to complete leather cutting, punching and coding at one time; different cutting tools can be customized according to the cutting needs to meet the cutting of single-layer and multi-layer PU; it can also be equipped with automatic contour recognition system to meet the cutting requirements of irregularly shaped leather.
5. Adopting partitioned vacuum adsorption working platform, the leather can be firmly fixed on the working platform during the fast cutting process to ensure the cutting of small size pieces.
6. Equipped with automatic conveying system and feeding correction system, it realizes continuous, automatic and precise cloth roll cutting, which saves working hours, saves cost and improves working efficiency.

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