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By Jack | 09 April 2023 | 0 Comments

The sword sharpens from sharpening - on oscillating knife cutting technology

The sword sharpens from sharpening - on oscillating knife cutting technology
Oscillating knife cutitng machine is a new generation of CNC cutting technology in the 1990s, it is also called Vibrating cutting machine, which is mainly for cutting flexible materials, semi-steel materials. Using the blade up and down high frequency vibration and 360 degrees range of rotation, tens of thousands of times per minute vibration frequency, in the plane for vertical cutting, sharp cutting, cutting paper leather, leather cloth and semi-steel composite materials. Because of the high cutting accuracy, no smoke, no smell and no dust, the vibration knife is an advanced environmental cutting technology and is widely used.
Oscillating knife cutting is one of the most important application technologies in the CNC processing industry, is a contact processing, based on tool processing process, combined with servo transport service control and high amplitude vibrating knife motor, drive the knife to cut the material at the narrow path or cut, and make the vibrating knife and the material along a certain trajectory for relative motion, so as to form a certain shape of the cut, is widely used in the semi-metallic and non-metallic materials It is widely used in the processing of semi-metallic and non-metallic materials, where high amplitude vibrating knives are suitable for cutting semi-metallic materials and low amplitude vibrating knives are suitable for non-metallic materials. The use of vibration knife cutting can greatly reduce processing time, reduce processing costs and improve the quality of the workpiece.
Today's oscillating (vibratory) knife technology has developed into integrated CNC technology, in addition to cutting, can complete the half knife, V-slot, routing, creasing, drawing lines, indentation, dashed line cutting and other multi-process multi-process simultaneous completion. And combined with increasingly advanced vision (CCD industrial camera), automatic feeder, robot, so that the development of vibrating knife cutting machine, the speed of information to enhance a new level, the future application of vibrating knife cutting machine, will be more advanced and widely used.

Vibrating knife cutting is now the world's most advanced cutting technology, compared with traditional cutting methods, vibrating knife cutting has the advantages of precision manufacturing, flexible cutting, shaped processing, once formed, fast, high efficiency; compared with laser cutting, vibrating knife cutting is a physical cutting, smokeless and tasteless, the cutting process is healthy and environmentally friendly, the cutting effect is clean and tidy, so in industrial production to solve many conventional So in industrial production to solve many conventional methods can not solve the problem. Oscillating knife cutting machine provides high amplitude cutting technology and computer numerical control machining center control system, which can accurately cut materials from a variety of different thicknesses and complex shapes. Oscillating cnc knife cutting machine can achieve high precision and small tolerance manufacturing, reduce material waste, and process material diversity. Below we detail several reasons why the flexible materials industry should use high-end vibrating knife cutting machines to cut:
1, Excellent processing accuracy and product quality
Compared with traditional cutting methods, oscillating knife cutting machine have a higher precision and edge quality, that is because vibration knife cutting is a "physical cutting", the use of high-speed vibration motor, no smoke, no smell and no dust in the cutting process, high-speed and efficient, not like laser cutting machine, causing extensive thermal damage to adjacent surfaces. Removing material cuts from narrower workpieces allows for cleaner processing and smoother edges for complex shapes and designs. The vibratory knife cutting machine has an advanced multi-axis motion control system, and the cutting process can be automatically controlled by a pre-designed machine program. The risk of operator error is greatly reduced, producing parts and other products with greater precision, accuracy and tighter tolerances.
2, In addition to cutting complex geometries with greater precision, vibratory knife cutting allows manufacturers to cut a wider variety of materials and a wider range of thicknesses without mechanical modification. Vibratory knife cutting can cut a wide variety of flexible and semi-metallic materials, and can accurately cut a wide range of material thicknesses, and can be automated with an integrated CNC system to provide more intuitive operation.
3, Higher processing efficiency.
In the traditional cutting process, the time and manpower spent in setting up and operating the manufacturing equipment will increase the overall production cost per piece, using the vibrating knife cutting method will reduce the total cost required for production. For vibratory knife cutting, there is no need for die change and setup between materials or material thicknesses, it involves more machine programming than loading materials, so setup time will be drastically reduced, in addition, cutting with vibratory knife can be 30 times faster than traditional sawing, and more than 3 times faster than laser cutting machines in materials over 30mm thick. Also equipped with advanced multi-function, multi beam dual drive technology, fully automatic loading, feeding, CCD industrial camera edge patrol technology, will increase the capacity more and generate higher benefits for the company.
4, in line with the future development trend of green manufacturing
With the domestic energy development situation, the country continues to promote the "double carbon" goal to achieve, for most enterprises, want to reduce carbon will have to reduce energy consumption: such as electricity, heat and gas, compared to the traditional laser processing, vibration knife cutting speed is faster, lower energy consumption. It can be reduced from the previous 30 degrees of electricity per hour to 5-10 degrees of electricity per hour, to achieve the effectiveness of improving quality and efficiency, energy saving and carbon reduction.

In short, vibrating/oscillating knife cutting machine has a very big advantage in terms of precision, cutting quality or speed. Our Rubycnc cutting machine team, as one of the professional vibrating knife cutting machine R & D, production and sales integration professional enterprises, has been following the development of the times, continuous innovation, to provide users with high quality vibrating knife cutting machine series products.

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