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By Jack | 11 April 2023 | 0 Comments

The application of oscillating knife digital cutter in carton industry and corrugated honeycomb card

Carton is a paper container packaging often used in our daily life when packaging items, especially with the rise of the courier industry, cartons have ushered in their own development of the golden age. In fact, whether it is transport packaging or sales packaging, cardboard boxes have a similar arch structure, can play a shock-absorbing role, the packaging items have a good protection function. Compared with plastic packaging, cardboard boxes have environmental protection, recycling, cost savings and other characteristics, by the supply industry generally welcome.
Traditional carton processing process, usually the blade can only cut in one direction, so in the cutting time will be very limited, and less efficient. The development of vibration knife CNC cutting technology, intelligent automatic cutting function has completely changed the shortcomings of the previous carton processing. Carton vibrating knife cutting machine not only cut high quality, and can exponentially improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, can be widely used to cut cartons, cartons, color boxes, corrugated paper, gray board paper, etc., can replace the traditional carton, color boxes, paper display frame and other manual development design and proofing, shorten the corresponding research and development time.
Rubycnc as a cnc oscillating (also called vibrating) knife cutting machine supplier, has been committed to providing efficient cutting solutions for carton manufacturing industry for many years. The cnc carton knife digital cutting machine with oscillating knife cutting technology is designed for the carton packaging industry and can meet the mass production needs of packaging companies. In addition, corrugated crafts have become very popular in recent years, and some have even set up companies to specialize in them, with a high market demand. The corrugated paper craft companies cut complex and shaped corrugated shapes that cannot be achieved by conventional machines.
 Here we look at the features of Rubycnc carton oscillating knife cutting machine.

1, carton CNC oscillating knife cutting machine mechanical performance is stable, can achieve diversified design processing needs.

2, with the standard, fast, efficient, intelligent and other characteristics, to achieve the purpose of fast, time-saving and cost reduction.

3, can be widely used with packaging carton enterprises design proofing and small batch production, can cut corrugated cardboard, cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, foam board, plastic board, etc.
4, carton CNC vibration knife cutting machine with low design costs, reduce design time, improve design efficiency and other functions.

5, carton CNC oscillating/vibrating knife cutting machine can improve your design technology and have the design concept, can improve the corporate image, increase the chances of business orders

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