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By Alice | 11 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Rubycnc oscillating knife cutting machine makes sponge cutting and processing no longer difficult

Vibrating knife cutting machine makes sponge cutting and processing no longer difficult
Sponge for most of us are not unfamiliar, like the most familiar bed, sofa, etc. are used to do sponge cushioning material. Sponge is a porous material, porous honeycomb structure, we see the sponge is generally made of wood cellulose fiber or foam plastic polymer. Because the sponge density is small, elasticity and flexibility, with a high degree of shock absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, so is widely used, including the automotive industry, battery industry, cosmetics industry, bra underwear manufacturing and high-end furniture manufacturing.

As China is a large country with a population of 1.4 billion people, so the consumption of daily consumer goods, whether it is home, clothing, daily necessities or automotive industry, have a huge demand for sponge, sponge industry provides a broad market. Sponge is a kind of polyurethane foam, belongs to the soft polyurethane foam. With the rapid growth in the production and application of polymers, the processing and molding technology to process polymers into various products has also developed significantly.

In order to meet the different needs of different customers, the production process of sponge products to respond to different requirements have become diversified, the production of traditional sponge products in addition to the need to go through the process of molding, some products also need to be machined, trimmed and assembled. As sponge has the characteristic of easy deformation of material, it is not easy to grasp the state of fixed sponge in the process of processing, to ensure that it has a precise shape after cutting, it is necessary to manually fix the sponge accurately in the cutting process to prevent it from following the movement and affect its cutting accuracy and quality, which is very likely to cause low yield, but also caused a waste of raw materials.

With the development of laser technology, the use of laser cutting machines to process sponge products, had been the majority of production enterprises to choose. Due to the special characteristics of the laser, when cutting sponge materials, sponge edge mouth smooth and neat, vertical, no yellowing of the cut, the cutting process does not touch, fast and effective. But the material by being laser high-temperature combustion, will produce a lot of smoke and a very strong irritating smell, these pollution on the operator and the environment will cause a lot of harm, and may even lead to combustion fire accidents. Moreover, laser cutting cannot cut thick sponges due to the limitation of its focal depth.

Rubycnc holds the guideline of "fast, accurate, good, saving", has been committed to the research of flexible material cutting, the use of advanced oscillating knife technology, after continuous efforts in research and development, the introduction of a new sponge oscillating knife cutting machine, suitable for a variety of sponge products production. The machine adopts computer control system for cutting, with beautiful appearance, solid structure, high reliability, long service life, simple software operation and good compatibility. The machine adopts specially treated partitioned vacuum adsorption work platform, which can be cut and processed fully automatically according to the trajectory of the graphics, cutting the sponge into various shapes, stable downward cutting, avoiding the deformation of the sponge to the maximum extent, cutting accurately, improving the finished product rate, avoiding the waste of raw materials, no environmental pollution, environmental protection technology, which can meet the needs of various use occasions.

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