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By Alice | 25 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Comparison of cnc oscillating (vibrating) knife cutting machine and Co2 laser cutting machine

As the modernization process continues to accelerate, more and more new materials appear on the market, the physical properties of these new materials are not the same, the need to use different means of cutting, based on this, the market was born a lot of cutting machine tools and equipment, which is representative of the vibrating knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine, but many people until now do not know which cutting machine they need to use for their products, today I will talk to you about how we can distinguish and compare the vibrating knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine.
First of all, each of our cities have environmental protection requirements, if your laser cutting machine environmental protection is not up to standard, will be punished by the environmental protection department, in the case of meeting environmental protection requirements we come to the profiling of the product, laser cutting machine in cutting flexible materials, due to laser cutting is thermal cutting, the laser will produce high temperature when cutting, so when cutting fabric may leave yellow or even black The traces of the smell is thicker, but also produces smoke, even if the machine is equipped with a fan or air filter, it will still have a certain impact on the health of the operator, and thicker materials can not be penetrated by the laser cutting machine.

Next is the cnc oscillating(vibrating) knife blade digital cutting machine, oscillating knife cutting machine is dependent on high-frequency vibration, similar to the principle of a saw blade (no serrated), so it does not produce powder, vibrating knife can be replaced at will, you can choose the right knife head according to different materials, such as circular knives, half knives, dragging knives, miters, milling knives, etc.. Because the vibration knife cutting machine is high-frequency vibration, so the finished product cut out is basically clean, the edge is also relatively smooth, the size of the cut is accurate, there is no paste smell and smoke generated by high temperature, more environmentally friendly, soft and hard materials can be cut, the cutting speed is also several times faster than the laser cutting machine, can reach 1500mm per second, is a good choice for many companies cutting flexible materials.

In terms of cutting materials, the vibrating knife cutter will be much better than the laser cutting machine.

In terms of environmental protection, many places have higher environmental requirements, and if you choose a laser cutting machine, you will be asked to add a set of environmental protection facilities, which is more troublesome in a comprehensive manner.

In terms of demand, whether it is proofing or mass production, to leather fabric products, for example, the laser cutting machine can only cut a single layer, but the vibrating knife cutting machine can cut multiple layers, so that the cutting efficiency can crush the laser cutting machine, several times faster, but in terms of price, the oscillating knife cutting machine is also much more expensive than the laser cutting machine.

Overall, if the budget is sufficient or need to cut more materials, I suggest you choose the cnc oscillating knife cutting machine, you can avoid a lot of trouble, cutting speed is also a perfect alternative to manual, a purchase can help you save a cutter's wages, if there are any cnc oscillating knife digital cutting machine questions, welcome email to me to understand and buy.

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