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By Alice | 13 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Advantages of Rubycnc automatic honeycomb paper corrugaed cardboard cutting and carton box making ma

Our honeycomb cardboard cutting and carton making machine can be equipped with different cutting tools to meet diverse requirements such as carton cutting, creasing, half-cutting, full-cutting, grooving and other processes.

This equipment is equipped with advanced 8-axis motion controlling system, which makes faster cutting speed, higher precision and more stable. Rubycnc honeycomb paperboard cutting machine is also equipped with platform flatness data collector, which can detect the plane of the table, and flexibly change the cutting depth according to the detection data, so as to achieve perfect cutting without damaging the felt.

Our honeycomb cardboard cutting machine can not only cut honeycomb cardboard and make carton, but also corrugated cardboard, thick cardboard, foam board, KT board, stickers, car stickers, PVC foam board, etc.
Advantages of Rubycnc honeycomb board cutting machine:

1) high speed, high efficiency
It takes only 80 seconds to cut a 500x500x500mm carton. Instead of traditional manual development design and proofing, shorten the corresponding development time, automatic typesetting, line drawing, drawing, pleating, indentation, punching, half knife cutting, full knife cutting, all in one go

2,high-tech, multi-tool
Ultra-high frequency and high-power vibrating knife technology realizes perfect cutting. No die cutter/die cutting machine is needed, only vibrating knife (vertical cutting), oblique knife (multi-angle cutting), milling cutter, pressing wheel, marking pen can complete the die cutting, creasing, marking and forming of leather, paper, plastic and other flexible materials work, which can save a lot of manpower, die and die cutting machine costs. It can meet customers’ production goals of batches and multiple styles, and also create a set of standardized and feasible complete solutions.

3, strong compatibility
Reflected in the following two aspects: One is the powerful storage function, which can store 1G of data information, and can memorize the cutting material indentation pressure, knife pressure depth, etc., so that it can be retrieved at any time next time, saving debugging time. The second is strong compatibility, the corrugated paper cutting machine can be connected with any CAD software, easy to operate, and widely used.

For the cutting of multiple materials in the packaging industry, the honeycomb cardboard cutting machine can cut a variety of packaging materials, such as cardboard, grayboard, corrugated paper, PVC, PP, etc. The thickness can reach 15mm, the foam cutting can reach 40mm(If need can make to be 100mm), and the cutting accuracy is extremely high,fully meet the market demand of modern high-standard packaging.

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